Why Should I Take Golf Lessons?

Golf is a sport that you can never master 100%, there’s always something that you can work on.  Even if you were to birdie 18 holes in a single round and shoot a course record, you could have still hit some shots “better.” 

Better as in, maybe you missed a fairway, maybe you could’ve had a hole-out from the fairway, maybe you missed your eagle putt since you birdied.  The point is, you will never be perfect.  There is always room for improvement.  

Why should I take golf lessons, you ask? Taking a lesson and playing just a little bit better can make golf simply more fun! Golf lessons are not just about improving your handicap.  People who are actively improving their golf game want to hit the ball better, want to work on certain shots that give them trouble.  If you really want to enjoy this fantastic game, you either need to focus on practice and record your swing, or get lessons. 

If you ever find yourself asking “Why am I even playing?!” after a bad shot, maybe it is time for a lesson to bring back the fun to your game.  If you’ve ever heard the phrase, “it’s like riding a bike – you don’t forget,” it was not intended for golf.  

Feel Like A Pro But Play Like Newb?

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Even the most experienced players can still benefit from a golf lesson from time to time.  A set of trained eyes on your swing can help your game physically and mentally and in a  tremendous way.  Check out my post Completely Lost My Golf Swing, it might help you out.

For a beginner, a solid routine for practice, drills to work on your own, or even some video footage of your swing with notes after the lesson is a great advantage to having a lesson.  For the experienced golfer, identifying issues, stopping a bad habit or two, or getting out of a funk can make the golfer enjoy hitting fairways again.

There are plenty of people that head to a driving range and start hitting away with their driver with no real direction or purpose.  Swing after swing the ball goes a different direction.  Frustration mounts, and the golfer starts to get angry and frustrated.  

The most frustrating thing for any golfer is when they are out on the range and actually making an effort to try and improve their game. But without an outside perspective, the golfer has no real direction on how to improve. Hitting the ball and hoping it gets better is not the best plan of action if you are looking for consistency in this game.  

Think About it Like This

To put a visual to this, think about dropping someone off in the middle of Manhattan with no phone, map, or any sort of street sign and tell him “meet me at Yankee Stadium”.  It would be nearly impossible to do!  There are plenty of sources for material for golfers to read/view such as Golf Digest or even a Youtube video.  

The problem with this form of learning and instruction is you have different coaches who all have a different view of the golf swing.  If you read/view to much, you begin to try to drive a Ferrari with a Ford engine, thoughts discombobulate and *whack* again the ball goes sailing to the right leaving the golfer angry and frustrated.  

Golf professionals have been there.  If you enjoy hitting better drives, enjoy working at your game, and enjoy drills and tips to continue improving your game, maybe it is time for a lesson with a professional.  

A trained professional in the golf world knows how to address getting better at golf anywhere from a brand new beginner to a season veteran.  If you’re just starting out, a golf lesson package is a great idea.  

How Many Golf Lessons Should I Take?

Packages can range anywhere from 3-10 lessons, and generally are laid out to cover all aspects of the game. Lessons generally cover chipping, putting, driving, iron play, course strategy, and even on course lessons can all be covered.  I have a post on about this titled How Many Golf Lessons Should I Take, check it out if you want.

A well-rounded view of golf is great for a beginner to identify some strengths and weaknesses.  A package is great because golf lessons are good for potentially setting up a really good routine for yourself. 

Just as important as the lessons is practice and repetition are just as equally important.  Having a solid practice session in between lessons is important for the golf swing as a golf lesson alone will not solve all problems.  

Commitment to practice is a must, however, lessons alone will not fix a golf swing because you need to take that extra time to drill it into your body.  As stated above, it is not quite like riding a bike.

How Long Do Golf Lessons Last?

A golf lesson usually lasts between 30 minutes to 1 hour.  Different lessons can last for longer or shorter, but generally the professional will ask you how you’re hitting the ball, and what you’d like to work on that day or improve.  

How Are Golf Lessons Structured?

After you hit about 10 balls, the professional will have you work on something specific.  Depending on your skill level, this may be something fundamental, it may be something technical.  

What is amazing about a golf lesson is that each one of them are specifically tailored to the individual and, usually, no two lessons are alike.  Golf lessons can be somewhat similar to going where you want to go in your vehicle.  You type in on your phone where you want to go, and your phone then tells you step by step directions on how to get there.  

That is exactly what a golf coach will do for you.  You tell the golf instructor, “I’m hitting a slice,” and he will give you a step by step direction on how to get rid of that.  

There are also plenty of instructors who take over the lessons and tell you what needs improvement.  That is especially good for those who are beginners who may not know what their strengths or weaknesses are.

Overall, golf lessons are designed to make a golfer enjoy the game of golf much more.  Golf is one of the best sports to enjoy with your friends, family, and all by yourself.  

You are outside in the sun, getting good exercise, and walking on beautiful manicured grass.  How awesome does that sound? 

If you find yourself frustrated while you are out on the golf course, it may be time for a lesson.  There is absolutely no shame in anyone trying to improve themselves – mentally you do this by mediating, physically you do this by going to the gym, and golfing you book an appointment with a golf professional.

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