How Many Golf Lessons Should I Take?

Ever go to the driving range and hit a shank, or maybe you hit the ball fat? Maybe after those poor golf shots you asked yourself, how many golf lessons should I take now?

If you have asked yourself ever in your life “How Many Golf Lessons Should I Take”, take one lesson, that’s it. If you take one lesson, you can have a pro tell you how many more you will need to get to whatever playing level you want.

Here are some question you can ask yourself that will help you decide on the number of golf lessons you want to take.

  1. Do you have funds to pay for golf lessons?
  2. Do you have time to take golf lessons?
  3. Do you have patients to learn and apply the lessons?
  4. Do you love golf enough that you want to invest in your skill?

If you you answered yes to all of those questions, I would say that you should invest in golf lessons. How many though, the answer to that is however many lessons are needed to get you to a level you want.

So, How May Lessons Total?

When considering how many golf lessons you should take, there are a number of factors in play. You could literally take golf lessons your entire life if you wanted.

Firstly, you need to have a budget in mind when it comes to booking golf lessons and that in itself will determine the number of lessons you book. 

Even if you can afford just a single lesson, it could make a huge difference to your golf game and it will be worth having the lesson. Following a period of time, you may be able to book another lesson and continue working on your game.

Another factor to think about when considering the number of golf lessons you should take is the time you have available. You may have work and family commitments in addition to other activities you enjoy. In some respects, there will be things you cannot avoid doing, such as work. 

However, there will be other activities in your life that you may be able to move around and these are the things you may have to sacrifice if you want to have golf lessons.

Essentially, outside of the compulsory activities, it will come down to how much you want to have the golf lessons. The more determined you are to improve your game, the more time you will make to have golf lessons.

For those who have plenty of time and money for golf lessons, you must examine your goals. Are you determined to become the best player at your golf club? Do you want to become a scratch golfer? Or are you looking to make minor improvements to enhance the enjoyability of your round? 

These are questions only you can answer and having done so it will help you to decide how many golf lessons you should take.

Where Can I Take Golf Lessons?

Most big box stores such as Dick’s Sporting Good, Golfsmith, Golf Galaxy have pro’s that can give lessons.

You can also go to your local public golf course and get lessons from one of their pro’s.

If you want to hone and build up your skills after your lessons and during practice, you are going to need to analyse your swing.

Check out the product below that can help with your golf swing for any skill level.

Golf Lessons Are All Relative

Not every golfer wants to learn the same thing and not all golfers need to learn the same thing. Check out my post Why Should I Take Golf Lessons, if you are on the fence about taking golf lessons.

If you’re needing the basics, then take beginner lessons and learn the basics and if you like what you learned, take more and keep learning.

The amount of time and effort you put into your skills after the lessons are extremely important too. You absolutely need to apply what you learned during your practice sessions at the range, putting green, practice rounds, and chipping area.

How Much Do Golf Lessons Cost

The fee that a golf pro will charge per lesson/hour are anywhere from $30 to $70.

Let’s just assume that golf pro’s charge $50 per hour in your area, if you wanted 10 lessons, that would cost you $500

Some might think that’s too expensive but some are willing to pay that for a pro’s perspective.

Would you pay that price to bring your score from 100’s down to the low to mid 90’s

Do You Have Time For Golf Lessons?

Growing your golf game is similar to growing a child, they both consume a lot of time.

Both can be stubborn as well and not want to listen to what you are trying to get them to do.

If you are not willing to spend the time to improve your golf game and really work on it, you probably shouldn’t take lessons.

Do You Have Patients To Learn How To Play?

I’ll say it again, just like how it takes time to grow your golf game and your child, same goes for patients.

Golf can be extremely frustrating at times, especially when you are first learning how to play.

You absolutely need to be patient with your self and give your body and your brain the rest it needs.

Do You Love Golf Enough?

This is important in my opinion but it’s certainly not required. There are many people that love to watch golf don’t even play it, or are extremely bad playing it.

But love and passion for the game is important because it will get you through the slumps and tough times.

It will also make the great moments much greater because you know how much work you have put into it.

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