8 Best Golf Shoes for Hot Weather

When you’re making your way around the course, the last thing you want is to be distracted by overheating or sweaty feet. Many of the best and most classic golf shoes are made of leather, and though this is an elegant and traditional choice, leather shoes can become uncomfortable in hot weather. But what are the best golf shoes for hot weather?

The best golf shoes for hot weather are the TRUE linkswear Eco Knit shoes. They are breathable and extremely lightweight, offering both comfort and stability on the course. For hot weather, you want a shoe with great ventilation to keep your foot cool.

There are a lot of excellent golf shoes out there these days, so we’ve rounded up the best for you to choose from. The rest of this article will look at the eight best golf shoes for playing in hot weather, evaluating the breathability, comfort, and stability of each pair, as well as any other notable characteristics.

TRUE linkswear Eco Knit Golf Shoe

TRUE linkswear does what they are so good at and creates something so comfortable that you’ll want to wear this shoe in your everyday life just as much as for a day on the links.

One reason for this is the zero drop heel on the Eco Knit.

Most golf shoes position your feet on a downward slope, but this keeps your foot level and flat. This might not be what you’re used to, but it does lead to increased comfort, especially over long periods because your leg is at a better angle.

The Eco Knit also has a toe box that is slightly wider than typical golf shoes, which mimic the true shape of the foot for a better and more comfortable fit.

The footbed is cushioned, and the outsole is designed not simply for traction on the grass but also to be wearable on the street and the rest of your day.

When it comes to breathability, these shoes deliver great ventilation. The upper is made of knit fabric, which means that it is full of tiny holes for excellent airflow to keep your feet cool.

This shoe’s lightness is pretty extraordinary: it is approximately 2/3 of the weight of the previous shoe in the Knit collection, coming in at 7.4 ounces (212 grams).

This is not only TRUE linkswear’s lightest shoe but might actually be one of the lightest shoes in golf. This contributes substantially to the two main factors we are considering in this list: comfort and breathability.

Try this shoe out, especially if you have been wearing a heavier leather shoe as your go-to—you may be surprised by how much you enjoy a lighter model.

When it comes to stability and traction for performance, the Eco Knit aims for aggressive grip, with rubber spikes on the sole to keep you steady.

They also offer more lateral stability than some of the other Knit shoes in TRUE linkswear’s collection, which is a good modification.

One perk of these shoes is the fact that the uppers are made of 100% post-consumer, recycled materials—hence the ‘Eco’ in the title.

They also come in a reusable bag rather than the more traditional disposable packaging. It is great to see some steps in the direction of sustainability in the golf equipment industry.

While not properly waterproof, the Eco Knit is water-resistant—not up for a game in the rain or soaked grass, but they’ll hold up against morning dew.

Sneaker-like look for everyday wear
Made of recycled materials
Very comfortable
Lightly water-resistant
Some players may not like the flat drop heel at first
Not a lot of arch support in the insole

adidas Men’s Climacool-M Shoe

In this shoe, adidas modifies their supernova running shoe to create a golf shoe that is lightweight and flexible, perfect for walking the course.

You would expect a shoe that evolved from a running shoe to feature great ventilation, and the Climacool shoe definitely delivers in this area.

The breathability on this shoe is ensured by the mesh Climacool upper, which provides 360-degree ventilation to the foot to keep you cool and dry.

On top of this, the TPU saddle of the shoe is perforated for extra airflow. The built-in, incredibly light cloudfoam sock liner wicks moisture away from the foot, so you can play all day long without becoming uncomfortable. 

In fact, the comfort of this model is a big selling point, which makes them a great choice if you like to walk the course. The sock liner and mesh upper mold to your foot for a lightweight and yet supportive fit. 

Also, the shoe’s stretch gore collar gives you an extra-secure fit around the ankle and top of the foot without becoming restrictive.

One other nice feature here is that the outsole is made with spineless puremotion technology for increased flexibility.

When it comes to grip and stability, it is important to note that these shoes have studs rather than spikes. Some players like this better for walking, and it does make these shoes easier to clean and brush off at the end of a long day. 

The outer sole of the Climacool shoe is made of durable rubber, with lugs that grip the ground for long-lasting traction, keeping you steady. You’re unlikely to lose much in terms of stability if you switch to these shoes.

However, one thing to keep in mind is that these do run small—order a size up to be safe. They are also not waterproof, so you will just want to avoid damp grass and, of course, rain.

Very comfortable fit
Excellent ventilation
Flexible runner’s model for easy movement
Not waterproof
Some users report that the foam-like lugs at the center of the sole wear down faster than the rubber ones

adidas Women’s Cage Climacool Golf Shoe

This addition to adidas’ Climacool line is a welcome one.

It accomplishes exactly what it sets out to do—it delivers a breathable and comfortable golf shoe, perfect for a day of hot weather.

The excellent ventilation on this shoe is a key feature. The upper is 100% mesh, and adidas has developed the material—trademarked ‘Climacool mesh’—to be extremely breathable from every direction on the foot.

Not only does it allow air in and out, but it also cuts down on sweat moisture to keep you comfortably dry no matter how hot it is outside.

This shoe is very comfortable—if you are looking for something that will remain easy to walk in even after a long day, you have found it here.

The softness of the mesh upper combines the built-in sock liner to really fit on your foot, while the cloudfoam midsole offers a gently cushioned tread, and the flexibility of the entire shoe reduces chafing and makes movement effortless.

When it comes to the traction you need, the rubber studs on the outsole give you a good grip on the ground, and adidas have built extra traction into the heel-to-toe zone to really anchor you in your swing.

They’ve also added some increased lateral stability to the middle of the foot, which is a nice feature in such a soft and flexible shoe.

These are a subtle and stylish option, and they come in three muted and elegant colors. They are not waterproof, so save them for sunny days, but they are a comfortable and breathable pair of golf shoes for hot weather.

Cool and breathable
Soft and comfortable for all foot widths
Not waterproof
Limited colors available
Lacks the more intense stability of a spiked sole

Skechers GO GOLF Torque – Sport RF Golf Shoe

The Skechers Golf Torque shoes take comfort as a top priority, with an ultra flight midsole that gives you plenty of cushioning.

Resalyte technology is a Skechers patented innovation of lightweight injectable material with foam-like memory retention qualities. 

This material gives the shoe’s footbed a supportive padding and absorbs the jarring from impact. These are shoes that you can walk a whole day in without realizing all the time that you’ve spent on your feet.

These shoes are great for playing golf in hot weather because the top part of the upper is made of mesh to allow for air circulation around the foot.

The bottom half of the shoe is water-resistant, but rain and other moisture will come through this upper mesh, so keep these shoes for hot and sunny days.

One thing that sets these shoes apart from the others on the list is the sole. Many of the breathable golf shoes we’ve considered have rubber studs as their only form of traction.

The Skechers Golf Torque shoe, however, has not only permanent rubber lugs but also features removable softspikes.

This gives the shoe excellent grip to really plant you in all kinds of conditions, and the spikes are replaceable, which means that if you wear them down, you don’t have to buy a whole new pair of shoes—you can simply buy new spikes.

These shoes do have a relaxed fit, with more than the typical amount of room around the toes, making them perfect if you have wider feet or even simply prefer a roomier pair of shoes.

However, if you prefer a more molded shoe for a more flexible, sock-like fit, you may want to look elsewhere.

Overall, these shoes are a breathable, comfortable choice for playing in the summertime—well worth the investment.

Removable and replaceable spikes on the sole
Very comfortable
Not waterproof
Roomier fit may not suit all players
Not as flexible as some other shoes

FootJoy Women’s Sport Tf Boa

FootJoy dominates the golf shoe market, and for good reason.

Their shoes’ quality is undeniable, and this Women’s Sport golf shoe collaboration with BOA is no different.

This is a shoe that is designed for performance.

The most popular type of spike is the pulsar cleat—it’s the top-selling and most used by professionals, and it forms the base of this shoe.

The radiused legs on these cleats grip into the ground to give you possibly the best traction of all the shoes on this list so far.

The ratio of solid material to mesh on this shoe’s upper is higher than many others in this shoe category, which means that these offer a little more lateral support and structure to you.

The upper panels of mesh allow for airflow for increased breathability on hot days.

One cool feature of this shoe is the dial mounted on the heel.

This, called ‘the Boa Fit System,’ is an adjustable knob that allows you greater control over the fit of the shoe, giving you the option to tighten it or leave it a little more roomy.

This is great for adjusting throughout the day as your needs change. 

Keep in mind as you order that this shoe does run a little small, so consider getting a half-size bigger than you usually wear. 

One thing that also sets these shoes apart on the list is that they are waterproof. Footjoy offers a two-year warranty on them, so that’s an extra layer of security.

Excellent traction with the pulsar cleat
Boa Fit System helps fit the shoe to your foot
Limited colors available
Runs small
Less ventilation than some other shoes

PUMA Men’s Grip Fusion Sport Golf Shoe

Puma has been ahead of the pack for a while now with their lightweight and spikeless shoes.

These are a great example of what a leading brand can do with years of experience.

For the Puma Grip Fusion Sport, Puma updates their popular Puma Grip Fusion shoe in a number of ways, including the replacement of plastic panels with performance mesh panels.

This keeps your feet ventilated and vastly improves the breathability of the shoe.

The inner sole of this shoe is something special, with what Puma calls ‘Fusion Foam.’

This is a combination of incredibly soft EVA foam and ultra-responsive rubber, which work together in the sole to give you efficient energy return and comfortable cushioning.

They have also worked on the shoe’s shape and fit, which now has ‘Comfort Grip.’ It has been tweaked and made rounder and more accurate to the anatomically correct shape of the foot.

All of these factors combine into a beautifully comfortable shoe, one which many users say does not require a break-in period.

In terms of the traction it provides, Puma has given this shoe a pattern of lugs on the rubber sole inspired by nature, with a variegated organization of ridges calculated to give you a greater grip on the swing.

While not exactly waterproof, these shoes do hold up well to dew and light moisture.

Excellent spikeless grip
Very comfortable
Versatile, can be worn in everyday life
Some users have trouble with a seam in chafing them inside the shoe

PUMA Golf Puma Men’s Ignite Pwrsport Shoe

If you’re looking for a shoe that will perform just as well on wet days as in hot weather, the Puma Ignite Pwrsport Shoe could be the one for you. 

This shoe has uppers made of a non-stretching mesh that is, unlike most others on this list, actually waterproof.

It comes with a 1-year waterproof guarantee, so even if you get caught in some showers, your feet will be dry. This also makes cleaning these shoes as easy as wiping them down.

The Powercage TPU saddle on this shoe is designed to give you the lateral support you need during your swing, while the body of the shoe itself molds to your foot.

This stability is only increased by the traction conveyed by their spikeless rubber lug soles, which are strategically arranged to anchor your foot.

The inner sole uses Ignite Foam, a proprietary design by Puma, for bouncy and stable cushioning.

The toe area is slightly narrower than on some shoes, so consider ordering a half a size bigger if you have a wider front foot.

With faux-leather accents and a range of color combinations, this shoe gives you the opportunity to feel confident not only in your game but also in your style.

Waterproof and easy to clean
Stylish options
Versatile, can be worn in everyday life
Small in the toe area

Nike Flyknit Racer G Golf Shoe

These shoes lead with breathability, keeping your feet cool with the flyknit construction of their lightweight uppers.

The lining keeps debris out and molds to your foot without sacrificing anything on ventilation. The air circulation cools down sweat and keeps you comfortable.

This golf shoe is based on the Nike Flyknit Racer shoe, which was created to give athletes and runners a light, tight, glove-like fit. This fit means that the shoe moves with the foot for flexibility and comfort.

The Zoom Air unit built in to the bottom of the shoe enhances your comfort. Again, this was created for runners, so it holds up wonderfully to a long day of walking the course.

Nike’s integrated traction pattern on the sole works to give you grip no matter what direction you’re moving and anchor you down without having aggressive spikes.

The pattern is subtle enough that you could wear these shoes as street style too if you wanted. This will appeal to you if traditional golf shoes feel stuffy or outdated. 

Altogether, these are a great union of striking style with flexible substance to create a lightweight, breathable shoe, perfect for summer days.

Very breathable
Stylish options
Versatile, can be worn in everyday life
Not as supportive as some shoes

Why Do You Need Golf Shoes?

If you’re new to the game, you may be wondering if you really need to invest in a pair of golf shoes. Why can’t you just wear the athletic shoes you already have?

It may seem silly to buy a whole new pair just for this sport, but the truth is that if you want to improve your game, you will need shoes that are tailored to the demands of the sport.

You need golf shoes to keep you stable during your swing. The swing carries a lot of force and momentum.

Having a stable stance is really important so that all that energy is directed into moving the club and hitting the ball, and not into any overbalancing or unnecessary movement.

Shoes that aren’t equipped with proper traction on the soles will be slippery, especially on the grass of a golf course.

Many golf shoes actually have spikes on the sole like soccer cleats in order to provide maximum stability, but it’s not a good idea to wear soccer cleats themselves onto the course.

This is because soccer shoes, designed for speed, are deliberately thin and narrow. 

This will not help you stand firm and control your movement during the swing. Instead, you need the broader soles of a golf shoe, which offer the support and stability to make a great shot.

The right golf shoe is an underrated but important part of any golfer’s equipment, and finding a pair of golf shoes that work for you is an investment in your swing and your game as a whole. 

These days, there are various models of golf shoes, and not all of them have spikes.


Like many early innovations in the game, the first shoes ever going on record as being modified to make it easier to play golf were in Scotland.

These were largely made of leather, which slipped easily on the grass and made strokes more challenging.

In the mid-19th century, when golf was rising in popularity, people began to come up with creative solutions to stabilize their stance.

A trend arose where players hammered nails through the bottoms of their shoes to give a spiked effect to the sole that increased their traction on the grass. 

Spiked Shoes

Despite the injuries (and, presumably, risk of tetanus) that this rudimentary method left players vulnerable to (dislodged nails are no joke), it helped the game so much that its popularity continued to rise.

Eventually, in 1891, this led to a sole that was designed with metal spikes screwed into the sole itself, keeping the foot safe. Golfers everywhere rejoiced.

At this point, uppers were exclusively made of leather—often the iconic Oxford Saddle shoe pattern. While waterproof—a necessary feature in rainy Scotland— these shoes were not breathable and became uncomfortable in hot weather. They also developed a reputation for being uncomfortable.

The golf shoe’s next major innovation wasn’t until the 1960s when a sole that had threaded sockets was invented so that the metal spikes could be removed and replaced.

This meant the shoes could outlive the spikes themselves, resulting in longer-lasting and more durable footwear.

These metal spikes had a downside, though. As you can imagine, they did serious damage to the greens, tearing up the turf and leaving holes. This got so bad that golf clubs began to ban the use of these shoes.

However, change was coming. Plastics and rubbers had begun to be used in commercial sneakers and sporting shoes in the 70s and 80s, and these new materials changed the way golf shoes were made, too.

The metal spikes were replaced with softer plastic, and the uppers of the shoes became more flexible and naturally-shaped.

This not only protected the grass on the courses but also created a generation of much more comfortable golf shoes.

Spikeless Shoes

Sporting goods brands began to experiment with golf shoes that didn’t have the traditional spikes, but it wasn’t until 2010, when Fred Couples – in a long tradition of professional players popularizing different types of kit – wore a pair of spikeless golf shoes to the Master’s, that this style took off in popularity. 

These days, spikeless golf shoes that rely on rubber molding to provide traction are key parts of the market.

They are often more comfortable than spiked shoes, but their great appeal also lies in the fact that they can be worn off the grass as well. This gives players a smooth transition on and off the course.

While unlikely to be the main shoe of choice for professional golfers, spikeless shoes can be an excellent investment for more casual players.

A golf shoe that can also be worn in normal life, whether for other athletic pursuits or simply in day to day activities, will be worn more than a pair of shoes dedicated only to golfing.

For some players, this makes it worth it to go the extra mile and buy a pair. 

Final Thoughts

These days, top sporting brands are competing to bring you the most comfortable, breathable, and stable shoes. You’re spoiled for choice.

Whether you live in a hot climate and are looking for a pair of golf shoes to go the distance in warm weather, or if you’re simply looking for an extra pair to bring out when summer rolls around, you are sure to find something on this list that will work for you.


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