Completely Lost My Golf Swing

I have completely lost my golf swing too many times to remember. But what does losing your golf swing even mean?

Did you actually lose your swing or did you even have a good swing to begin with? I remember when I thought my golf swing looked good and was effective. I started to study the pros and discovered that my swing was ugly and inefficient.

Maybe your golf swing is full of bad habits and the week or month that you decided to take  a break from the game, they showed their ugly faces.

If you look at the aesthetics of a golf swing then no, there is no perfect golf swing, because everyone has a different opinion. So let’s look at this in a different way.

If you go to the PGA Championship driving range, which has arguably the best field in golf. Look at their swing, the players are hitting balls great, every single player.

You could have Jim Furyk hitting shots next to Rory McIlroy, and although Rory will no doubt be hitting it further than Jim, you’d notice that Jim hits it straight, far and consistent.

Would you Swap Your Golf Swing for Jim Furyk’s?

If you just looked at the swing without seeing the result, most people would not swap their swing. But when you see the result of the swing, any amateur golfer would happily swap their swing with Jim’s.

What I’m saying is that the results matter, not the way the swing looks. Here’s the problem for the average golfer when it comes to the golf swing.

Jim Furyk has hit thousands of balls with his unorthodox swing, he hits the ball long and straight. Equally, so has Rory McIlroy.

There would NOT be a player on the PGA Tour that hasn’t hit thousands of balls. So you could reasonably say, to hit the ball consistently long and straight then you need to hit thousands of balls.

That’s a fact (but there is a shortcut, stay tuned for that)

The amount of balls pro’s hit is common knowledge. Sadly, a lot of amateur golfers wrongly think they need to just hit more golf balls too. But they’re wrong. Because if you were to just hit more balls you would not get better, and in fact, you would probably just get worse.

Why Would Your Swing Get Worse?

Because by practicing more you would just make your bad habits even more ingrained. Check out my other post titled Why Should I Take Golf Lessons, it might interest you.

You see, for the pro’s, even though some of them have funny looking swings, they have figured out what it takes for them to return the club to a good impact position time after time.

If you haven’t figured that out yet, then just beating balls is not going to help you.

Instead, if you really want to improve your ball striking you need to change your swing and then practice more (again, I have a shortcut).

To Change Your Swing You Need To Do This

  1. Have a clear idea in your mind as to how you want to swing.
  2. Groove that swing over and over again.

The fact is, if you want to improve your ball striking you need to change your swing, so that you get to impact consistently in a great position so the ball goes long and straight, consistently.

Then you need to groove that new swing over and over again, so that out on the golf course you just automatically swing great. So there is a perfect swing for you, you just need to find it.

Everybody Is Unique

Everybody is an individual and every swing is individual. A perfect swing for someone else will not necessarily be a perfect swing for you. So there’s not ‘one’ perfect swing, but there is a perfect swing for you.

I’m sure this all makes complete sense to you, but there’s a couple of big problems.

  1. How are you meant to change your swing so that it’s perfect for you?
  2. How are you going to find the time to hit thousands of balls in order to groove that swing into a habit?

The Shortcut

Well, I’ve discovered a massive shortcut to both of those problems. There’s a program that was put together to teach you how to find the perfect golf swing…for you, and then groove that golf swing over and over again in the least amount of time.

There is nothing out there like this method of improving your golf swing. Some have said it’s a revolutionary breakthrough in golf instruction.

So, if you want to FINALLY hit the ball longer, straighter and more consistently without the need to hit thousands of balls, check out this training.

You won’t regret it!

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