How To Keep Beer Cold In Golf Bag

This is a question that many of men…and women have asked themselves for years and years.

How to keep beer cold in your golf bag seems like it would be an easy question to answer. But because you are searching for the answer, I’m going to do my best to answer it.

For some reason, beer is one of those drinks that golfers love to drink while playing golf. Something that can give you the confidence to go for the island green, or go for the green on a par four.

It turns out that beer is best served at 44 degrees fahrenheit, that means, we have to keep that beer cold.
You will need the following:

  1. Slim cooler insert for the large side pockets.
  2. Cooler packs or ice
  3. A hot summer day and some drinks : )

In All Seriousness

Keeping your drinks cold regardless of the choice of beverage is something that golfers need, no question about it. So here’s a product that will keep your beverage ice cold for the entire round…well, depending on the temperature outside.


This is an idea that demands respect! And it’s also one of those ideas that makes you want to kick yourself because it seems so obvious.

This little bag makes it super easy to load the beer bag in the golf bag, as well as remove the beer from the golf bag.

It fits perfectly in most golf bags, so no need to go buy a golf bag just to accommodate the beer cooler bag.

The description here doesn’t do it justice! Go check out the link because this was one of those products that got so much attention. The show Shark Tank invested in it. Check it out here!

There are more options as well, see my other post Golf Bag Cooler Inserts

I Don’t Recommend This

But I want to tell you a story of my brothers brilliant idea to keep his beer cold. I have only seen him do this one time, but it was pretty clever if you ask me.

He purchased a 12 pack of beer, can’t remember the type…maybe Coors lite or something. While he was getting the beer, he needed to make those beers cold.

So he purchased a bag of ice, but he didn’t have anything to hold the ice in nor the beer.

So he took nine beers out of the twelve pack. He tossed three on the bottom of one of the larger side pockets. Then he poured some ice over them. packed three more beers and poured more ice on them.

He then put the last three beers in the bag and poured ice on those.

Can You Guess How That Turned Out?

Let’s just say, the beer was ice cold by about the third or fourth hole. His bag on the other hand was soaking wet at the bottom as you would assume.

It was dripping the entire time we played until the ice was completely melded away.

Whatever Works, Right?

He was in a pinch and needed cold beer on a hot summer day. What else was he suppose to do?

If he had a cooler with him like the one above, that would have solved his problems no question.

Heck, even if he had a garbage bag with him, that would have at least kept the water from soaking his bag.

Last Words

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