Golf Bag Cooler Insert

Looking for a Golf Bag Cooler Insert? The options are endless it may seem if you go search on amazon. But, which one would be considered the best Golf Bag Cooler Insert for your money?

First, why would you need a golf bag cooler insert in the first place? The obvious answer of course is to keep your beer ice cold ; ). But there’s other reasons such as keeping your lunch, candy, energy drink, and maybe your medication that might be temperature sensitive.

Here’s a list of what I have found that are either Golf Bag Cooler Inserts or they are related or benefit it in some way.

  1. CaddySwag
  2. CaddyDaddy
  3. Geckobrands
  4. CleverMade
  5. Asobu

I go into more detail about each of the products listed above later in the post. But I believe that each of the products are great for any golfer and can also be used for any occasion.

Most Popular Golf Bag Cooler Insert


The Caddyswag was featured on the show Shark Tank. I didn’t watch that particular episode but Caddyswag appears to be doing rather well for themselves.

This fits perfectly into any golf bag large side pocket, and it comes with a handle and strap for easy carrying.

Check out the post where I go into a little bit more detail about Caddyswag

The CaddyDaddy

This is similar to the CaddySwag but the CaddyDaddy has two separate points of access. One is a horse shoe opening on the face of the bag and the other is a side opening about halfway up the bag.

The CaddyDaddy also allows for ice to be used without making a mess of your golf bag. This is possible because the side pocket doesn’t extend the entire length of the bag.

Geckobrands Verticool Cooler

The Geckobrands Vertical Cooler is in some ways similar to the first two coolers but has it’s differences for sure.

The main difference is that you can stick two bottles of wine into the cooler. Now I’ve never had wine while I played golf but I’m sure there are golfers out there that would rather drink wine than beer.

This cooler bag can also fit nicely in one of the large side pockets of your golf bag.

Individule Beer Bottle/Can Cooler

When I saw Asobu Bottle and Can Cooler, I knew this was going to be perfect for golfers. I know it’s not a Golf Bag Cooler Insert, but it can definitely make your day on the golf course much more enjoyable.

It obviously doesn’t keep an entire six pack cold but it makes it super easy to keep what’s already cold, cold.

Most people know that once you pull that drink from the cooler, it warms up rather quickly.

What’s nice about this is, you can put the lid back on the bottle and toss it back in your bag.

I feel like the Golf Bag Cooler Insert and the individual drink cooler go hand in hand.

Clever Made

I really like what Clever Made has done with this bag! Even though it’s not designed to be inserted into a golf bag, it makes for a versatile cooler to be used for many occasions.

If you like drinking wine while you play golf, this is designed for wine bottles, as well as bottles of beer and cans.

This could easily be strapped to a golf bag with the two “U” hooks that the strap is attached to. Just replaced the strap with a couple of Carabiner Clips and you got a custom cooler bag that’s strapped to your golf bag.

Now, not all golf bags have the setup to strap this bag to the golf bag. So make sure you inspect your bag to see if it would even work before you take on the task.

I hope you enjoyed the post, feel free to support the work that was put into this post by using one of the links above to grab your Golf Bag Cooler Insert.

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