Are Golf Push Carts Worth It?

Let me ask you this, have you every played eighteen holes of golf and thought you were going to die after because you carried your golf bag?

If you answered yes to that question, you probably don’t play golf more than once or twice a month or every three to six months.

I remember thinking to myself back when I was getting back into golf “Are Golf Carts Really Worth It?”. The short answer is yes, golf carts are worth it. Here’s why:

  1. They save the golfers shoulders and back.
  2. They save the golfers feet and joints.
  3. You can carry more golf accessories.
  4. You can carry coolers for drinks and food.
  5. You can hook your umbrella to most push carts.
  6. You can attach a seat to most newer push carts.
  7. They easily fold and transportable.

They Save The Golfers Shoulders And Back

This is so true and I’m living proof, I’m sure many of you are too. I am personally not a fan of carrying my golf bag but if you are, here’s a post that explains the benefits of carrying your golf bag. 

If you had a push cart, you wouldn’t have to worry about the shoulder straps rubbing and creating a rash. Nor would you have to worry about the fatigue in the shoulders that come along with carrying your golf bag.

Your back is just as important as your shoulders too. The spine takes enough stress from your golf swing, why put the additional stress and weight on it?

The average golf bag weighs around 25lbs, I personally think that’s way too much weight for your back and shoulders. Over time, this will take a toll on your body and you will probably wish you had purchased a golf push cart. 

They Save The Golfers Feet And Joints

Walking a golf course is hard enough on the feet and joints, adding an addition 25lbs to your body is just not necessary these days.

 I remember when I had such pain in my feet, I was walking the course all the time, with a golf push cart too. I needed to get orthotics inserts for my shoes because the pain was unbearable.

The pain wasn’t caused because I was walking so much though, it was because my big toe joint was essentially in the wrong position. 

Apparently it’s a common problem for people with flat feet, I just didn’t feel the pain until I started walking the course more often that riding.

But I highly recommend orthotics for anybody with feet pain. Check out the amazon products below with a list of orthotics, you won’t regret it. 

Golf Push Cart Cooler

Another fantastic part about owning a golf push cart is the fact that you can strap a cooler to it and be on you way. 

Pack with whatever you feel like eating or drinking, nothing holding you back because you don’t need to carry it for eighteen holes.

But you need a cooler that is designed to strap onto your golf push cart! No need to worry my friend, I got you covered. 

Umbrella Holder For Golf Push Cart

I live in Oregon and I have played in some nasty rain, the kind of rain that if you stepped outside for thirty seconds, you would be drenched.

Fortunately, I had rain gear but rain gear and an umbrella. But I didn’t have an umbrella holder for my golf push cart.

Which, if anybody has played in the rain before, you have to set the umbrella down on the grass while you take your swing.

It’s not that big of a deal but it’s certainly not necessary when there are products on the market that will attached to your golf push cart.

The only concern while using a golf push cart umbrella holder is, if there’s higher than normal winds, don’t leave your golf push cart unattended. 

You might find it toppled over or running away from you.

Seat Attachment For Golf Push Cart

What golfer hasn’t wanted to sit down while waiting in the middle of the fairway for the people in front of you to finish up?

I have had multiple times when I was just standing there, chatting it up with my playing buds. I could have been relaxing and cracking open a beer from my cooler ; )

But in all seriousness, this feature is really cool that golf push carts have. If for any reason you need to rest because of old age, health reasons, aches and pains, lazy reasons, whatever the case may be, take a seat.

There’s multiple different types of seats for push carts and you will need to look up the model that you have to make sure it will work.

I know clicgear, CaddyTek, and Sun Mountain all have their own seats for all models or specific models.

Golf Push Carts Easily Fold Up

Nowadays, the average golf push cart folds into a nice and tight little package.

The engineers of these carts are amazing, all the little parts and pieces that go into these carts to make them fold so nicely.

I would honestly be shocked if there’s a golf push cart out on the market today that couldn’t fit in the tool box of someone’s truck, or in the back of a Mini Cooper.

I Hope This Helped

I want to thank you for visiting my site and I hope you got a lot out of this post. Feel free to support the site by checking out any of the products listed.

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