Benefits Of Carrying Golf Clubs While Playing

Playing golf in general has its benefits, most people that have never played the game couldn’t begin to fathom the benefits. You get to go outside, soak up the sun, walk around, swing a club, think about strategies, all of which benefit your mind and your physical wellbeing.

Benefits of Carrying Golf Clubs While Playing Golf could literally change your life. Here’s why, the average golf bag with clubs and all the junk that you put in it weighs around 25lbs. The average golf course length is around 3.75 miles and not including slope and the elements that could make that much harder to walk, that’s a lot of walking. You burn around 900 calories just from walking 18 holes, now tack on the extra 25lbs and you could burn an extra 600 to 1000 depending on the course.

It’s not just the benefits of calorie burning, you’re also building the strength and endurance that could easily give you a competitive advantage over your friends or opponent.

Playing golf while carrying your bag is in some regards similar to a soldier carrying their rucksack during training. I’m not in the military but I have family that is and have known people that have gone through training.

If you think about it, you’re conditioning yourself so that when the time comes to play without carrying your golf bag on your shoulder, you will perform much better. From an endurance and strength standpoint, you have the advantage in my opinion.

What Is The Best Golf Bag To Carry?

Nowadays, most of all the golf bags that are in stores and online have similar features when it comes to carrying them. Which means the comfort level of most golf bags are probably the same.

If you are only thinking about carrying your golf bag and not putting the golf bag in a push cart, you will need something lite. Check out my post about the cheapest golf bags on amazon.

Check out the bags below, these are highly rated by amazon buyers and both are super small and light weight.



Those two bags are great if you are only carrying less than nine clubs and don’t need to carry much of anything else.

These bags are designed for players that like to use six to nine clubs while they play. Why complicate your game with fourteen clubs?

The bags are just under two pounds which is extremely light weight and both are reasonably priced. Check Them Out

Carrying Golf Bag vs. Push Cart

It’s probably no secret, using a push cart has it’s benefits. One of those benefits is not having to carry your golf bag, obviously!

But there are some disadvantages to using a push cart. One being the fact that it’s one extra thing to pack in the car before your round of golf.

That’s about the only think I can think of, and I would much rather use a push cart than carry my golf bag.

Check out some awesome push carts that have really good reviews on amazon.



Both of these push carts are great products with loads and loads of great reviews.

The recommended cart is the less expensive push cart, that should be obvious. But these are great carts, I used one for many years. They are much smaller than most of the higher end modules (like the runner-up) and can fit in the trunk of any car.

Problems With Carrying Golf Clubs

Many problems could come from carrying golf clubs while playing. Depending on how long you carry your clubs for, the problems could be long lasting too.

Let’s say you were carrying your golf bag that only had one shoulder strap. And lets say you carried it on the same shoulder for all the rounds you ever played.

Long term, I can’t imagine that being good for your shoulders and back. I would recommend investing in a golf bag with an attachment that has two shoulder straps. Similar to a backpack.

Carrying your golf bag has it’s perks but it also has it’s disadvantages. I’ll leave that decision to you, whether you want to invest in something that is easy to carry or push.

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