Why Do You Need a Golf Towel

You’re most likely a new golfer if you’re typing this question why do you need a golf towel into google.  That’s okay though because maybe it’s not so straightforward as some might think.  Some people think golf is a walk in the park and there can’t be anything difficult about it…

I will go into more detail about this down below but the reasons why you need a golf towel is to wipe off course crud from your golf ball and club head.  You can also use it for drying your golf grips and removing sweat from your body but I would suggest caring two towels if you need to remove sweat.

If you were to ask someone on the golf courses, why do you need a golf towel, while in the middle of a round of golf then they might think this is the first time you’ve heard of the game.  Golf towels are a necessary part of the game for so many reasons, I’ll go into a few down below.

Dirty Clubs

Sometimes when you take a beautiful swing and connect with the ball just right but the ground is a bit damp or wet even, this can add dirt to the clubface.  You don’t want to use a club with dirt on the face so you would normally wipe it off before you put it back into your bag so the club is ready to use next time.

Your putter also gets a bit messy sometimes and you will want to wipe it before you make your important putt.  This is more common while playing during the wet months but even during the dry months you can still get dirt on the face.

Your golf grip might be damp or even wet because it’s been raining or you placed a club on the damp grass.  Maybe stick a tall tee in the grass if you need a place to put your club, just a little tip.

Muddy Bag

If you use a stand bag then there will be times when the bottom part of your golf bag gets a bit dirty.  It’s not a big deal to most people but if you’re putting your clubs in the trunk of your car, it might be a big deal.  I drive a truck so this isn’t a big deal for me, but there are some golfers that drive nice cars. So I could see this being a big deal to them.

Golf Ball

When the weather isn’t so great and the fairway and greens are a little soft, your ball is probably going to get dirty.  Getting chunks of dirt off your ball is a common thing to use your golf towel for, if you want to make your towel less dirty, wipe the majority of the dirt off on the grass.


While playing out on the course or at the driving range you might get clammy hands and it can be difficult to grip the golf club.  Gripping the club and feeling like it’s not going to slip out of your hands is extremely important. I would say wiping your hands on the towel is the solution.

Sweat on the forehead is another good reason to use the towel, nothing worse than having sweat drip in your eye during your backswing.  As I’m thinking about sweat, I would say use the towel anywhere you don’t want the sweat…why not.

I would suggest you use two towels, one for your clubs and balls and the other for your skin.  I say this because golf courses use fertilizers and other chemicals to keep the grass looking great, you don’t want to be wiping your hands and face with this stuff.

Sweat that gets on glasses, I don’t wear prescription glasses but I do wear sun shades.  It’s very annoying when sweat starts dripping down when you’re making a putt or in your backswing.  I know you are supposed to use the microfiber cloths but if you need something in a pinch, golf towel would work.

Are Golf Towels Necessary

Yes, I would highly recommend you carry at least one on your golf bag but I would suggest you use two for the reasons I just mentioned.  It’s a guarantee that you will use your golf towel at least once during a round or at the range. The second towel doesn’t add any extra weight and will prepare you for the “what if’s”.

The What If’s

  1. What if you hit your golf ball into a tiny shallow creek, you see your ball sitting there and it looks like you could hit it out.  This could give you the opportunity to save a stroke if you take the shot but you will most likely get a little wet and maybe muddy.  You have two options, take the shot or take an extra stroke and drop. Well if you have the good ole trusty golf towel than taking the shot is definitely an option for you, if your skill allows too.
  2. What if you spill your drink on your and it gets all over your pants, well there’s another reason to have a golf towel.
  3. You could be eating a sandwich with a bunch of mustard and you take a bite…splat, mustard all over your shirt.
  4. Bloody noses, yes, I have had a bloody nose while on the course.  This was due to me getting overheated and blowing my nose too hard.  I honestly would have been screwed if I didn’t have my golf towel, which I no longer have.

Guarantee at least one of the situations above is going to happen so don’t just carry around a bunch of napkins.

What Kind of Golf Towel Should You Use

I would suggest a high-quality towel for your dirty needs like clubs and golf balls, check out this towel amazon.  A high-quality towel is crucial because you don’t want rips or holes to develop soon after you start using it.

For wiping your hands and face, you can use whatever you think is most comfortable, I just use a regular golf towel.  You could even use a small hand towel that you would put in your bathroom.

I believe I purchased a Tiger Woods golf towel from Goodwill, it was new and came with some tees and balls.  Speaking of Goodwill, you could probably find exactly what you need if you go looking in the sports aisle. I think I found my towel for one dollar, not a bad deal.

You could even use a handkerchief, this would be perfect for on the spot cleaning when you aren’t near your golf bag.  Also for sweat and the occasional nose cleaning and you could even clean your glasses with this. Many uses for a handkerchief.

You may be thinking about picking up the game of golf or considering playing a few times to see if you like it or not.  Or you are getting your set ready and aren’t sure if you will ever use the golf towel so you might not want to buy one. They aren’t that expensive so get a towel, you will use it, you won’t regret it.

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