What To Wear Golfing In Cold Weather

This can be a major deal, especially if you are from a place like the pacific northwest like I am.  If you are from Texas, it’s pretty simple, bring a sweater…maybe : P.

Depending on the temperatures that you will be playing in, dressing in multiple layers is crucial.  Easy to strip clothing, like a fully zippable sweater or sweatshirt (maybe both) and a windbreaker or something thicker.

My Checklist

This is what to wear while golfing in cold weather:

Why Layer Up?

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If you are new to golf and have only played during the summer months, the winter months are just as interesting.  I actually enjoy playing during the colder months but a mild 45° to 65°.

Let’s Break It Down

Golf shoes are extremely important, this may be obvious to you but I have a playing partner that doesn’t seem to think so.  During the cold winter months, you need shoes that hold up to mostly all the condition.

My tiger woods shoes that I purchased in 2014 are a great example of the perfect golf shoes.  This is my opinion though, I have played in all weather conditions minus snow.

My feet stayed dry and they stayed warm if I used feet warmers.  I wasn’t too concerned with the cold as I was about my feet staying dry.

Feet warmers aren’t a necessity but I would highly recommend you putting them in your golf bag in case you need to keep your toes warm.

Keeping your hands warm can be tricky, if you’re out playing and they get cold frequently, gets some hand warmers.  It’s insurance that will pay off and they don’t take up hardly any space in your bag.

Golf mitts, on the other hand, take up a bit more space.  Golf mitts in addition to hand warmers can be luxurious out on the course.  Just toss the hand warmers in the mitts and put your hands in as needed.

Keeping your head warm is something that some golfers care about and some don’t.  I’m one of those golfers that need to cover my ears with ear muffs, but not the big puffy ones. I’m talking about the cool looking ear muffs.

I can’t really wear a beanie for too long, not sure why but my head starts to itch and I end up removing it even if my head is cold.

Jackets are something that you can hit the jackpot with or completely hate.  I’m not terribly picky about jackets but if it’s extremely cold out you will want to have the right gear.  Even a jacket designed for golfers doesn’t give you all the warmth you want and you may need to have an additional layer underneath.

I would recommend something that is water resistant that also gives some decent warmth.  You also have to remember, you will most likely remove the jacket due to you creating enough body heat while playing.

Golf pants specifically for golf are not required, although, they do have some benefits.  Major brands like Nike, Under Armour, Adidas make their pants specifically for comfort. But not so much on the warmth side, if you want to keep your lower half warm, gets some long johns.  You could also keep some hand warmers in your pockets, I’ve done this and it works great.

Playing Conditions

Cold Mornings

Ever show up to the course in the morning and as you are sitting in your warm, cozy vehicle, you realized you forgot something?  Nothing worse than having the first tee jitters and freezing your ass off. I’ve been in that situation a couple times, not too fun!

It’s almost always cold no matter where you play in the country or world during the early morning hours.  Dressing in a jacket can make your round of golf much easier and comfortable.

There’s no reason for you to not have something in your bag that you can through on just in case you need it.  If you have a decent jacket designed with golf in mind then it could make your round of golf much more enjoyable.

Some people can’t play with multiple layers on, I can and it doesn’t bother me too much.  Not like rain gear does, for some reason rain gear feels like crap and I can’t hit anything while wearing it. Golf Rain Gear

Evening Playing

Ever play during the twilight tee times during the summer?  If so, you may have experienced the chilling dew from the grass along with a light breeze.  Nothing worse than finishing your round of golf and shivering.

This has happened to me a couple times, it’s not something that you really remember though.  That’s why it’s a good idea to keep some extra gear in your bag, which is why I like cart bags and not stands bags.

Cold and Rainy

I’ve mentioned this in another post if you’re planning on playing in the rain or the possibility of rain, be prepared.  Nothing worse than not having the right gear and getting stuck in a downpour. The correct shoes, jacket, hats, and pants can make your round of golf much more comfortable.


First of all, I don’t recommend it even though I’ve never played golf in the snow.  It just doesn’t make sense to me, why put yourself through that kind of pain. Unless you just want to play around and not really care about losing golf balls.  There’s also the potential for you to get injured, just keep that in mind.

Cold and windy

I think this could be one of the most common weather conditions that sneak up on golfers.  You could be playing in mildly cold weather and put a 5 to 10mph wind in the mix and you got trouble.  It doesn’t take much wind for it to turn a mildly cold day into a really cold day.

I hope you got loads of info from this post, if you found the information useful, leave a comment and share on social media.

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