What Kind Of Golf Spikes Do I Need

So, you got a new pair of golf shoes for Christmas and you already warn the spikes down to a point where you are slipping during your golf swing? Did I guess correct?

Now you are asking yourself What Kind Of Golf Spikes Do I Need. You are most likely referring to the receptacle part of the golf spike, which is what plugs into your golf shoe. Well, I counted a total of 8 different receptacle options to choose from. So, if you purchased your golf shoes within that past 20 years, it’s most likely one of these 8 options.

  1. Large Plastic Insert System 
  2. Metal Thread Insert System 
  3. Q-Lok System
  4. Performance Insert System (PINS)
  5. Tri-Lok System
  6. Fast Twist Insert System
  7. Slim-Lok System
  8. Fast Twist 3.0 Insert System

You most likely have one of these types of golf spike insert system on your golf shoe, now the trick is to figure out which one you have.

Don’t worry though, I got you covered. You see, SoftSpikes have created a simple diagram for you to follow. If you go over to amazon, you will see that SoftSpikes posted their diagram in the pictures area.

What Kind Of Golf Spikes Do You Want?

Once you figure out what type of receptacle you need for your golf shoes, next you will need to decide which type of golf spike you would want to use.

SoftSpikes have a really good selection of spikes for all types of playing conditions. Here’s a list of all the most recent types of spikes that SoftSpikes sells.

There Are Other Brands Too

There are many other brands to choose from as well, SolfSpike is just one of the most popular brands out there.

Here’s a list of most of the brands on the market today:

What Are The Best Golf Spikes?

The Black Widow is the number one selling golf spike in the world. I can see why too, it looks like it’s by far the best for all terrain. 

These are the spikes I just ordered for my TGW golf shoes that I purchased about five years ago. I love these shoes and will wear these into these for as long as possible.

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I appreciate you stopping by and I hope you got a lot of great info from my post. Feel free to check out some of the spikes I posted links to, have a great day!

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