What is the Best Time of the Year to Buy Golf Shoes?

When you think about golf gear, the first thing that likely comes to mind is your clubs; however, there is an equally important piece of equipment you should not ignore – your golf shoes.

While the shoes may not get much attention, they can impact your game more than you think. The question is – when should you replace them?

The best time of the year to buy golf shoes is in the golfing off-season where you live. If you live in the northern part of the U.S., the best time to buy shoes is between November and February. If you live in the south, the best time would be January or February. 

If you wonder if your golf shoes are up to par (pun intended), keep reading.

Here you can find all the information you need regarding your golf shoes’ longevity and what part of the year you should buy them. This knowledge can help you make an informed decision you feel good about.

The Best Time to Buy Golf Shoes

The northern part of the U.S., including Washington, Michigan, and many Northeast states, has shorter golf seasons than individuals in the south.

Usually, people up north will golf from April to October. In the Midwest and Central part of the U.S., the seasons are similar, but this area may also be golfing in March and November.

For southern states, such as Florida, Arizona, and Texas, golf is almost year-round. Sometimes, natives will halt their activities in December and January if the weather gets too cold.

To find the best deals on golf shoes, you should try to buy during the off-season for your region.

This is typically when pro shops and sporting good stores offer deals and discounts because fewer people are playing, which means fewer people are buying new gear.

If you discover you need new golf shoes mid-season, shop around and look for discount codes or coupons you can use for your purchase. High-quality golf shoes are an investment, so keep this in mind.

When Should You Replace Your Golf Shoes?

Your golf shoes do not have a set or general expiration date. It is impossible to say that you should replace your shoes every year, every six months, or even every five years.

Factors that impact how often you need to purchase new golf shoes include how often you use them and how well you maintain and care for them when the shoes are not being used.

For example, if you play in wet weather, keep your shoes in your vehicle’s trunk, or do not clean the uppers and the outsoles often, you may only get a single golf season from them (if that).

On the other hand, golfers who always clean their shoes after playing and store them in the right environment after using them may get three or even four seasons from a single pair of shoes (or more).

It is important to note that you may walk up to five miles during a single round of 18 holes.

If you golf regularly, these miles add up. The spikes in your shoes will get damaged over time, which means less traction and deteriorating support.

At some point, wearing regular tennis shoes may be best since the golf shoes will no longer have the needed grip.

Several signs will let you know that new golf shoes are necessary, too. These are highlighted here.

Feeling Off-Balance

Do you feel slightly off-balance when you swing your clubs? If so, you may try to tinker with how you swing; however, the real fix is with your footwear.

A loss of traction is an obvious sign you should update your golf shoes. If you tend to slip while making your stroke or walking along the course, your shoes likely need to be replaced.

If you feel water on your feet because it is seeping through your shoes, it is also a sign that new shoes are needed.

Comfort Considerations

Comfortable footwear is essential when playing golf. If your insoles are worn down, or the uppers are no longer water-resistant or waterproof, buying new shoes is necessary. This can help ensure your feet stay comfortable for the entire round.

Tips for Selecting the Right Golf Shoes

The main difference between golf shoes and regular shoes (or other sporting shoes) is the metal spikes. The spikes provide additional stability for a gofer. Also, unlike with cleats, the spikes can be replaced as needed.

Golf shoes have evolved over the years. Today, they feature soft rather than hard spikes to help reduce damage to the greens. While these spikes require more replacement and maintenance, they offer benefits.

When selecting golf shoes, there are a few things to remember:

  • Find your personal style. Sometimes, half of the choice you make is whether a shoe fits your style. You can find golf shoes ranging from sneakers to Oxfords and even leather, banded sandals. There are others with pronounced heels. Choosing a business style shoe may be beneficial if you take clients or business partners to the course. However, for casual golfing, be sure to find a shoe that fits.
  • Consider what you find comfortable. Comfort is subjective. However, usually, golf shoes will fit tighter than everyday shoes. It would help if you had a close fit to keep the shoe in place and ensure it provides the long-term support your feet need.
  • Take note of your size. Golf shoes are typically a half-size smaller than everyday shoes. This is to keep your foot tight to the ground and secure. If you are not sure how a golf shoe should fit, be sure to ask someone at the pro shop for help.

Tips for Maintaining Your New Golf Shoes

Once you find and purchase new golf shoes, you should take steps to ensure they last as long as possible. To do this, follow these maintenance tips:

  • Only wear shoes when golfing. Never wear your golf shoes in your vehicle, in the parking lot, on the range, or as regular shoes. If so, you will reduce their lifespan significantly. Instead, have a dedicated pocket in your golf bag for the shoes and wear slip-ons until you are stepping up to your first tee.
  • Shop carefully. Your top concern may be the shoes’ look, which is a valid concern, but you should focus more on comfort. You are going to regret getting a sharp-looking pair of shoes that hurt your feet.
  • Find a shoe with replaceable spikes. If you purchase nice golf shoes, be sure you can replace the spikes. Watch this video to see how they help increase the shoe’s longevity because you can replace the spikes rather than buy all new shoes: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PDdNhMAK350


Buying new golf shoes can be exciting. With the right ones, you may even improve your game.

Knowing when new shoes are needed and what time of year to buy them will ensure you get comfortable shoes for an affordable price.

It is also necessary to consider the right factors when shopping for this type of shoe, as they will impact the results you achieve.

Once you have found and purchased new golf shoes, be sure to care for them to keep them in good, wearable condition as long as possible.

Being informed, knowing what to look for, and taking the right steps are the best ways to improve your golf game and get the most out of your golf shoes.

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