What Are The Best Golf Push Carts? (2021)

Golf push carts keep getting better and better as the years pass us by. When I think of what a golf push cart will look like in the future, it’s definitely hovering down the fairway.

Seriously though, where else can they take it? Are they going to add a fifth wheel or something? Nah, we’ll all be strolling down the fairway in a hover cart for sure, mark my words ; )

You are obviously not here for my spot on predictions of the future. So What Are The Best Golf Push Carts and where can you buy these little baddies. Here is a list of the top brands of golf push carts in the industry and with thousands of reviews combined.   

  1. Clicgear
  2. Bag Boy
  3. CaddyTek
  4. Sun Mountain

Let’s Start With Clicgear

I’m a big fan of Clicgear, even though I don’t own one. Yeah, I said it! I don’t own a Clicgear push cart, but my buddy does so that should count for something.

These are well built and very sturdy push carts, as they should be, they are made from 100% aircraft aluminum. Which makes them as lightweight as a golf cart can be but with the strength of an ox.

If you take a look at the video above, you will see that the 2020 clicgear 4.0 is an extremely small golf push cart.

It is also super fast to unfold from it’s tiny package and click it into it’s upright position. 

And oh yes, it’s just as fast to fold it back up and toss the little sucker back into the trunk of your car.

Some 4.0 New Features

Clicgear 4.0


  1. Easy Fold
  2. Locking Hand Break
  3. Drink Holder
  4. Umbrella Holder & Strap
  5. Center Console
  6. Scorecard Holder
  7. Cellphone Holder
  8. Medium Size Center Storage Net
  9. Silicone Bag Straps
  10. Saddle Adjustment
  11. Airless Tires
  12. Seat Capable


  1. No Large Storage Bag
  2. 21lbs
  3. Price

Other Clicgear Models

Clicgear has multiple golf push cart products, Rovic RC1S is one of their more reasonably priced push carts.

The Rovic RC1S is a unique golf cart that has one feature that the 4.0 does not have.

That feature would be the swiveling front wheel.

This might be a flaw to you or I might be a benefit, personally, I think it’s a good idea. But, I really don’t think it’s necessary.

If you like the fact that you wouldn’t need to tilt your cart back in order to steer your push cart, this is probably the cart for you.


The 3.5+ is the first clicgear cart that I ever saw on the course.

My buddy owns this cart and I have to say, it’s a solid golf push cart.

Easy to push but a bit larger and heavier than the 4.0 Model.

Regardless of which Clicgear golf push cart you choose, I don’t think you can go wrong with any of them.

Bag Boy Quad Xl


Check Out The Bag Boy Golf Push Carts!

There’s an obvious difference between the Clicgear golf push carts and the Bag Boy quad XL, and that’s the fourth wheel.

I’ve always thought the fourth wheel on golf carts was redundant, I personally think three wheels is fine.

But the quad xl does stand out from the rest of the market and it does have it’s benefits.

I would say that Bag Boy Quad XL takes the prize for accessories that are included with the push cart.

Let’s dive into it.


  1. EZ Fold
  2. 15lbs
  3. Locking Hand Break
  4. Top-Lok Bag Holder
  5. Center Console Drink Holder
  6. Umbrella Holder
  7. Deep Center Console
  8. Scorecard Holder
  9. Cellphone Holder
  10. Medium Size Center Storage Net


  1. No Large Storage Bag
  2. 1lb heavier Than Compact 3

Bag Boy Compact 3

This looks much more like the traditional golf push cart and resembles the Clicgear in some ways.

But one thing that stands out to me is all of Bag Boy golf push carts are designed to make the golf bag stand up more straight. 

This is a nice feature and I’m not sure if it benefits the player anymore than a golf bag that’s angled down more.

But let’s get into the feature of the Bag Boy compact 3.


  1. EZ Fold
  2. Under 14lbs
  3. Locking Hand Break
  4. Top-Lok Bag Holder
  5. Center Console Drink Holder
  6. Umbrella Holder
  7. Center Console
  8. Scorecard Holder


  1. No Large Storage Bag
  2. No Cellphone Holder


I personally feel that the CaddyTek 3 resembles the Clicgear push carts the most. It has similar tube structure and design that when I glance at it, I see a Clicgear cart.

But CaddyTek has some feature that do stand out and set’s them apart from their competitors.


  1. EZ Fold
  2. Light Weight
  3. Locking Break
  4. Drink Holder
  5. Umbrella Holder
  6. Center Console
  7. Scorecard Holder
  8. Large Cooler Bag


  1. Small Center Console
  2. Bungee Bag Straps
  3. No Cellphone Holder

CaddyTek CaddyLite


The CaddyTek CaddyLite has most of all the same features as the CaddyTek 3 but with a few exceptions.

First, you might notice that the frame is a bit different, that’s because it’s made of the same type of aluminum but not in the tube form.

This model also doesn’t come with the center console and instead has a flat area for the scorecard.

The little mesh basket is located directly underneath the handle and the bigger bag is a bit lower. I thought the lower bag was a cooler bag but it’s just a regular bag.


  1. Folds Easily
  2. Light Weight
  3. Locking Break
  4. Drink Holder
  5. Umbrella Holder
  6. Scorecard Holder
  7. Large Lower Bag


  1. No Center Console
  2. Bungee Bag Straps
  3. No Cellphone Holder
  4. No Cooler Bag

Sun Mountain

Sun Mountain was the second golf push cart that I owned. It was a fantastic cart, the only thing I didn’t like about it was the tires were inflatable.

I purchased it used because at the time I was spending so much money on playing golf, I didn’t see a point in spending so much money on a push cart.

This was an older model too, by the time I sold it, the breaks had warn out.

The cart never rolled straight either, and this also seems to be the same issue with the speed cart GX.

The straps that held the golf bag in place had broken off so I improvised with a tie downs for a truck bed.

The tires needed to be pumped up before each round, which was quite frustrating if I forgot to pump them up.

Let’s dive into some of the features that the Sun Mountain Speed Cart GX has to offer and see if this is something right for you.


  1. Folds in Two Easy Steps
  2. Under 18lbs
  3. Locking Hand Break
  4. Updated Golf Bag Bracket Straps
  5. Umbrella Holder
  6. Large Basket
  7. Built In Bracket For Seat


  1. Small Center Console
  2. Bungee Bag Straps
  3. No Cellphone Holder
  4. No Drink Holder
  5. Bungee Bag Holder

Sun Mountain Pathfinder 4

Here’s another quad wheel golf push cart that has some features that separate it from the rest of the quad push carts.

This cart unlike the Speed GX, doesn’t pull right or left while pushing it. Which is a huge plus if you intend on getting to your ball without having to worry about the steering.

I like the way this cart opens as well, just put it on the ground and unlock and pull up. Simple!

The handles on this cart are unique as well, they look like bike handles that are about twelve inches apart.

The Pathfinder 4 offers more stability with the extra wheel in front. Making it more ideal for attaching a seat but, I don’t believe it can take a seat. Even though it can’t take a seat, it is more stable with higher winds.

It also roles better over rougher terrain than a three wheeled golf push cart.

The Sun Mountain Pathfinder 4 has some features that I like and are better than the speed GX. 


  1. Easy Fold
  2. Light Weight
  3. Locking Foot Break
  4. Umbrella Holder
  5. Medium Size Basket
  6. Large Center Console
  7. Cellphone Holder
  8. Doesn’t Pull To The Right


  1. Bungee Bag Straps
  2. No Seat Capabilities

Those Were The Best Golf Push Carts

Most of those golf carts that are listed above are over $150. Only one cart is going for over $400, the range is pretty wide and you may or may not find one that you like.

The quality of most of them are on par with each other with a couple that stand out as higher quality.

I would say the Clicgear 4.0 and the other two models are the best quality but with less features than the rest of the brands.

But is that worth the price to the consumer? Maybe, if you have $300 to $400 to throw at a golf push cart.

Most golfers would probably be fine with purchasing something in the $150 to $250 range.

Especially if you are a new golfer, don’t go spending a bunch of money because it’s the newest and hottest product on the market.

What I Think Is A Good Buy

If I was in the market right this minute and needed a golf push cart today, I would have to decide between two brands.

  1. The first brand and model being the CaddyTek 3. 
  2. The second brand and model would be the Bag Boy Quad XL

Why I Like Them

The CaddyTek 3

The CaddyTek 3 one of the better priced golf push carts with a decent amount of features.

Now, whether the quality is there, that I don’t know. I would hate to purchase something of this size and have to send it back. But if you have ever purchased anything on amazon, you know how easy it is to return.

I love the fact that it comes with a cooler bag tucked underneath and in between the handle and wheels. It looks like you could dumb a bag of ice in there and fit a good amount of beers ; )

I like how the umbrella holder is attached to the handle and you don’t need to remove it and screw it into anything. Just flip it up to use it and fold it down to put it away.

A couple of things I’m not a fan of are the bungee straps at the bottom that hold the bag in place. The reason for this is because that’s what my Sun Mountain cart had and they broke from being exposed to the elements over time.

Another feature I don’t like is the center console is smaller than I would like. It also doesn’t have a cellphone holder, which is something that should be on all golf push carts these days if you ask me.

Bag Boy Quad XL

The Bag Boy Quad XL priced pretty competitively and to be honest, that’s the only reason it’s my second choice.

I use to hate the way quad push carts looked and I always thought there wasn’t a real need for them. I mean, why put a fourth wheel on when three is plenty? 

But now looking into them more, I can see from reading some reviews that if makes for a more stable ride.

Which makes sense but this push cart doesn’t even have a strap at the bottom of the cart. That’s a plus to me, one less thing to break or wear out.

I like the single strap that it does have to anchor the bag in place, I’m not sure what the material is but it doesn’t appear to be the bungee stuff.

I really like the large center console and the compartment directly underneath it. Makes for easy access. 

This one comes with a cellphone holder which is important to me. Not because I’m looking at yardages or keeping track of stats, but because I like to have it in front of me in case of emergencies. 

Hope You Got What You Were Looking For

I appreciate you coming to my website and hope you got some useful information. Feel free to support the website by checking out some of the products listed above. 

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