Offseason Golf Workout Program

Where I live, offseason golf workout programs are a must. Due to the weather we get in the pacific northwest, my offseason is pretty long and wet.

There are many offseason golf workout programs on the market. Whatever you chose to go with, you need to stick with it. 

No results will come if you don’t stick with it and push through the offseason.

Not a whole lot of people know about this one page on amazon. You can get anywhere from 10% off to 50% off on certain items.

But I chose to go with Joey D Golf.  This is a program that quite a few PGA pros use to stay in shape during the season and after.

I’ve mentioned in other posts how much I enjoyed using this his program.  Joey D Golf is hands down the best product out on the market and now you can get it on amazon in the link above.

Let’s Talk About The Benefits

If your body is weak and inflexible you will not be able to achieve optimal swing mechanics.

And if you can’t achieve optimal swing mechanics during the playing season, maybe the offseason is your chance to hit it hard.

Such things as a full shoulder turn, with minimal hip rotation is key. Creating and retaining torque (energy) in your core for maximum clubhead speed. 

The proper sequence of motion with muscles firing at the appropriate time is also key.

Being able to swing just a little harder on long par 5’s and still be in control, that’s what you want.

Removing Tension From The Swing

Improve your flexibility, range of motion specific to your golf swing. You are able to make a full backswing with no tension in the supporting muscles of the swing.

Like the shoulders, lower back, upper back (lats), and even the wrists. It is known in most athletics that less tension equals more power.

More Energy For 18 Holes

One of the biggest culprits of back nine blow-ups is a loss of energy resulting in poor mental confidence and swing mechanics.

I see this one all the time when I play…golfers who are out of shape and lack appropriate fuel intake and maintenance.

I have certainly fallen victim to this but when I used Joey D. Golf, that changed.

Having energy for 18 holes builds tremendous confidence and a higher level of play.

I would say that I’m in pretty good shape and I know for a fact that my game goes downhill after the front nine.

Even if you keep pumping your body with the fuel it needs, it’s extremely difficult to walk a course, swing clubs, carry a bag, all while in the beating sun. 

Golf specific exercises will help tremendously with this and specifically, Joey D Golf.

Elimination Of Injuries

Golf injuries are prevalent among all amateur golfers, especially senior golfers.

The golf swing is a damaging movement on the human body.

Swinging a club between 80-100 mph in less than a second can be traumatic.

Golfers who don’t have an adequate level of golf strength and flexibility are susceptible to injury every time they swing the club.

The lower back usually takes the brunt of the stress and strain. Then hips, knees, shoulders and even wrists.

A stronger, more flexible golfer will avoid injuries indefinitely.

Weight Loss

I have worked with over 10,000 golfers via my online golf performance website and they all fill out an initial golf fitness profile.

Since I review every one of them personally, I see how many of them have a weight loss of 10-30 pounds as a goal.

There are more overweight golfers on the course than fit ones.

This is because golfers have not come to the conclusion the fitness plays a critical role in golf performance.

Exercising will not only improve lean muscle but melt fat away. To not only improve their golf, but lose weight is icing on the cake for any golfer.

Improved Concentration

How many times have you had a good score going into the back nine only to have a couple of blow-up holes that ruined your score?

It happens all the time. Why? Because your body fatigues and your brain doesn’t maintain a high enough level of concentration.

The result is poor club selection; swing mechanics and diminishing confidence.

A fitter golfer will always have the edge over an out-of-shape one. When the round progresses and tension creeps in they will prevail every time.

The above are only a few golf exercise benefits…but enough to hopefully convince you that it’s worth looking into.

The golf swing is now being viewed as a very athletic movement, like baseball, tennis, etc…and should be approached from a conditioning emphasis.

I hope you now realize the return on investment from these golf exercise benefits.

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