My Golf Swing Has Fallen Apart

Ever wonder why your golf swing seems so smooth and in sync some days and other days way out of sync?

My golf swing has fallen apart so many times during my time of playing golf that I can’t even count. It’s all relative to the player as well, “my golf swing has fallen apart” means something completely different to everyone.

Here are some things to consider when you feel your golf swing has fallen apart, I’ll touch on each of these points later in the article.

  1. Define what exactly the problem is.
  2. Are you exhausted or have you been playing too much?
  3. How much do you practice?
  4. How long have you been playing golf for?
  5. Have you had lessons?
  6. Do you do golf exercises?
  7. Are you injured?
  8. Film your swing.

#1 – Define What Exactly The Problem Is.

This might be a difficult task. But it might not be also, check out some examples of what could be your golf swing falling apart.

  • Shanking The Golf Ball – Do you shank the ball during your round of golf?
  • Hitting The Golf Ball Fat – Do you hit the ground and not the ball?
  • Not Hitting The Golf Ball – Do you completely miss the ball?

#2 – Are You Exhausted or Have You Been Playing too Much?

It amazes me how much better our bodies can perform in all types of physical activities if we get proper rest. The body needs rest. No questions about that statement.

If you have been playing golf so much and maybe you’re a new golfer, you need to take breaks in between practice rounds or practice in general.

If you want to accurately hit a little white ball and do that consistently, you need to be willing to let you mind and body heal.

Notice how I said “mind”. Sometimes you just need to step away and think about other things for a little while. Take that time and then go back to working on your golf swing.

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#3 – How Much Do You Practice?

Practice makes perfect…right? I would say perfect practice usually yields your best performance possible. Whether it’s golf, basketball, football, or playing the piano.

How are you practicing? Are you one of those golfers that has a decent golf swing but because it looks decent, you don’t think you need to practice as much?

Don’t forget about mental practice. It might sound strange but this is something that the best players in the world actually do. I personally agree with mental practice and highly recommend it. Maybe I’ll do a post on mental practice.

#4 – How Long Have You Been Playing Golf For?

I ask this question because there’s a huge difference in a player that has been playing golf for three months, and a golfer that has been playing for 3 years.

If you have been playing golf for one to six months, take it easy on yourself. Learning the golf swing is something that should be taken slow, that’s the way a great swing develops over time.

Have you been playing for three plus years? I would say, the longer you have been playing, more difficult it is to answer.

I say that because you may have put in hundreds of hours into your golf swing and now your golf swing has fallen apart?

That’s why I said earlier, just take a break. Don’t change anything in your swing just yet. If your swing has fallen apart, than, at one point, it was put together just the way you wanted it.

Have You Had Lessons?

Golf lessons aren’t for everybody, but some people absolutely should take advantage of golf lessons.

If you aren’t a student of the game of golf, if you don’t like to spend time thinking about making your game better. You might consider lessons.

If you aren’t a student of the game of golf, if you don’t like to spend time thinking about making your game better. You might consider lessons.

I ask if you have had lessons because even though I have never had “Pro Lessons” they can help a golfer discover their golf swing and even fix it.

They can point out minor flaws and or major flaws and give you exercises to work them out of your swing.

Do You Do Golf Exercises?

I remember when I was getting back into golf, exercises where the last thing on my mind.

Why build consistency and strength through golf swing relevant exercises when you can go swing the club to death?

Joey D Golf exercise program is not a golf swing developing training program. If you already have the fundamentals down for your golf swing, this program can help you keep what you have worked hard for.

I’ve personally used the program and I can honestly say that I felt so much better on the course. Confidence was high because I wasn’t getting as tired and my swing was way more consistent.

Consistency is key with golf, I highly recommend that if you don’t already do some kind of golf exercise, you really consider it.

Are You Injured?

This seems like a silly question because who wouldn’t know if they were injured…right?

Well, what if it’s a small injury? But big enough to cause your swing to be effected?

I had an ingrown toe nail once, that made it so I was shifting my weight different. I was protecting my body and my swing was suffering.

Maybe think if there are any discomforts that may be causing your golf swing to fall apart.

Film Your Swing

These days, your cell phone can record amazing video, as well as slow motion videos.

To prevent your swing from changing over time (in a bad way) keep a collection of videos.

Maybe record your swing once a month or every six months just so you can reference them in case your swing falls apart later.

This is also a really good way to track progress in your swing and kinda fun to see how bad you were in the beginning…and hopefully are much better now.

I Will End With This

Maybe your swing hasn’t fallen apart, maybe you are just having a bad day or week on the course?

Only you can figure this out and if you’re a student of the game, I think you will eventually get your golf swing back.

You might need a pro to help you or you might need to record your swing.

Just remember, your golf swing is most likely always changing but you don’t realize it. So don’t be so hard on yourself.

That’s why pro’s practice their entire life, to develop and keep a golf swing that is on par with other pro’s.

Take breaks at times when you need, go hard when you are ready!

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