How To Hit Full Wedge Shots

In the video above, the instructor explains perfectly how to hit a full wedge shot.

But if you don’t have the right tools in the bag, none of this matters, check out the wedge below that won’t break the bank.

If you struggle with hitting wedges or any other club in the bag, I would highly recommend some self-help videos. You can find loads of tutorials on youtube.

Not a whole lot of people know about this one page on amazon. You can get anywhere from 10% off to 50% off on certain items.

The Tools Make All The Difference

If you have a wedge in your bag that is dated back to the early 90’s or maybe even the late 90’s than you need to upgrade.

Golf technology has come a long way and yes, they may be pumping out drivers ever 3 months that cost $600 but this is all marketing.

Every body thinks the driver is going to win them the game and the marketers know this. That’s why they can charge those ridiculous prices, every 3 to 6 months.

The Most Underrated Wedge

The Wilson Harmonized Golf Wedge is a fantastic price that is blowing up on amazon. This wedge comes in 50°, 52°, 56°, 60°, and 64°, all on amazon which is great because if you don’t like the wedge, you can just return it.

The Wilson wedge comes in a high polished finish with a classic blade shape that looks very nice. Made of true temper steel for high performance and reliability.

The sole grind allows players to open the club face much more to hit shots with better accuracy.

The blade shape has modified bounce angles to aid with versatility from the fairway, sand, and the rough.

The Reveiws Speak For The Wedge

Just take a look at the reviews of this wedge, over 300 reviews with around 4.5 stars. I spent $130 per wedge on my Mizuno MP wedges and I can’t even say that I would give them 4.5 stars

The Way I See It

Why spend a bunch of money on a wedge that will give you the same results or similar when you can pay 1/4 the price.

If you are not hitting your wedges properly and you know your swing is just fine, it’s probably the tool you are using.

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