How To Hit A Wedge Shot 50 To 75 Yards

If you are asking this question then you might not have the correct tool in the golf bag.

Or maybe you have the right tool but you lack experience with that tool to dial in the yardage.

If you want to learn how to hit a wedge shot 50 to 75 yards, it’s going to take practice. I would recommend setting aside 30 minutes from your practice time just on this shot alone.

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Think About It

If the 50 to 75 yard shot is something you seem to be playing a lot while on the course.

Why not practice from that distance, there’s nothing wrong with drilling that feeling into your bones.

That’s how professional basketball players practice free throws, over and over and over again until they can make it with their eyes closed.

And that’s what professional golfers do too.

What I Would Recommend

Practice hitting the wedge that you are most comfortable hitting 50 yards with a 3/4 swing.

Or if you think about the clock method, that could be a 9 O’clock swing like what was mentioned in the video.

This could even be a half swing too, you just want to use the club that feels right for that yardage.

If you dial in that yardage for whatever wedge you choose, move on to the 60 yards.

This will take more power but it should obviously be controlled and consistent.

You need to repeat this shot over and over again until it’s drilled into your bones and the feeling is engraved into your hands.

Same goes with the 70 to 75-yards, if you started with a 1/2 swing then you will probably need to bump it up to 3/4

If you stated with a 3/4 swing, you will probably need to bump it up to a full swing.

What’s The Goal?

The goal is to be able to stick a 50-yard shot with a particular wedge. I can’t decide what that wedge is for you.

You need to get out and practice until it hurts, well, maybe not that hard. But you need to figure out which wedge is the right wedge for you.

It could even be a pitching wedge, I can reduce power in my swing for a 50 to 75-yard shot.

But that’s because I have practiced so much that I know how to use my pitching wedge. From anywhere inside of 125 yards I’m pretty confident with it.

What Wedges Do You Need?

Depending on your skill level, a 60° wedge probably isn’t going to be your friend.

I would recommend a 56° or 52° and reduce the power a bit.

But that’s assuming you need to reduce the power, who knows, you might need to up the power.

That’s why it’s going to take practice and time to hit this yardage consistently.


If you are having a difficult time making a 3/4 golf swing or 1/2 golf swing then this drill should help with that.

What you want to do is during your swing, hold the club in the position of the 1/2 swing or the 3/4 swing.

So swing the club back and stop and hold that position for a few seconds.

Then take the swing from that stopped position and hit the ball or just take a swing with no ball.

All you are doing is getting the feeling for the half swing or the three quarter swing.

If you do this drill enough your body will automatically know the feeling of whatever swing you want to achieve.

So when you actually are out on the course, it will come naturally to you. You won’t need to think about it, just choose the shot and execute.

At Home Golf Practice

It’s not easy to go to the driving range and it’s not cheap either, costing somewhere around $12 per large bucket.

If you have the space and if you have the extra money to spend on a golf net then I highly recommend it.

An at home golf net makes practicing form so much easier for a fraction of the cost of going to the range.

Once you have drilled the shot you’re trying to learn into your body, take it to the range and test it out.

Then take it to the course and put in action, I bet your results will be amazing just from practicing at home.

I Made My Own Golf Net

That’s right, I wanted something custom that I could set it up once and have the ability to move it completely out of the way.

I anchored the piece that held the net to the ceiling of my garage and I was able to slide the net out of the way when I wasn’t using it.

I’m planing of doing a blog post on DIY at home golf net.

But having the net at home made it so I could warm up before a round of golf.

Practice the shots that I was too “embarrassed” to practice in front of other golfers at the range.

Do little drills that required me to use a ton of golf balls but I didn’t have to waste them on a large bucket of balls.

My home made golf net paid for itself over and over again no question about it.

The net only cost me about $40 I believe, but it was a long time ago so I will have to make sure that’s the correct cost.

Don’t Want To Make A Golf Net?

That’s fine, there’s no shortage of nets on amazon! Check out the nets listed below.

I appreciate you checking out my post and I hope you got something out of it.

If you got something out of this post, I hope it was the importance of practice.

Practice is going to be what gives you the ability to hit that wedge consistently every time.

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