How To Arrange Golf Clubs In A Cart Bag

First of all, there’s no one way to set up your golf.  Generally, golfers will arrange golf clubs in their bags that fits their own needs.  The way I see it, if you can grab the club that you want within one or two seconds, that’s perfect.

You are allowed fourteen clubs in the bag, none of the clubs are the exact same length.  I start on the back side of the golf bag, where the shoulder strap is. But this will depend on the type of bag you have of course.

  1. Put your woods in first.
  2. From right to left or left to right, put your longest irons in.
  3. Next goes the wedges.
  4. Now the putter.
Iron Club Holder
Cart Bag 14 Way Organizer

That’s How I Arrange Golf Clubs

That’s how to arrange golf clubs in a cart bag.  But, you can apply that to a stand bag as well.

It’s almost a rule of thumb to not place a club in your bag that will block other clubs from your view.

Arranging your clubs from longest to shortest, from back to front also coincidentally keeps them in order numerically as well.  

As long as you remember which side you started your longest iron on, you will be able to find your clubs pretty simple.

Your wedges can go next to the putter, at least that’s how I do it.  My golf bag is set up so the putter is in the middle and in the front of my bag.  

This is pretty common in all golf bags but you may find some that you can put the putter anywhere in the bag too.

I put one wedge on the left of my putter and the other wedge on the right side of my putter.  This makes it simple for me to remember and I always know where they are.

Some Examples

Let’s say you put your woods in the front of the bag and put the rest of the clubs behind the woods.  Well, this would create a bit of a headache.

Why do you ask?  If you think about the way your golf bag is meant to be used, cart bag or stand bag, this would prevent you from grabbing your clubs.

Well, maybe not prevent you from grabbing them but it would make it a pain in you know what.

When you put your cart bag on a walk behind cart, having the clubs at the front of the bag wouldn’t make it any easier for you to grab your clubs.

When you install your cart bag on the driving golf cart, this would make it very difficult for you to grab your clubs.

Make It Simple

Don’t let your clubs get organized too, this can make it extremely frustrating when you are out playing and you can’t find the club you want.  

You might even think that you lost a club, this has happened to me a couple of times due to a frustrating round.

There are certain things about the game of golf that you can’t control, like your slice or the two-foot putt that you missed by a foot.  

I would say that if you can control any kind of consistency at all in your round, it’s probably the organization of your golf bag.

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Some Tips

Golf head sleeves, I owned these for a while.  Until I lost half of them, then I threw the rest away because my bag looked kinda silly.  

But, when I did have all the sleeves, they helped me keep my clubs in order. This was because they printed the number on top of the sleeve which made it easy for me to see.  

So if you think this tip will help you keep your clubs organized, check out the deals below!

If you are having a really hard time figuring out how to arrange your clubs then I would say don’t overthink it and don’t stress out over it.  

If you think your bag is unorganized but you can still manage to find clubs then that’s great. Even if you can’t find them as fast as you would like, if you can find them within a reasonable time frame, you’re good.

Funny Thoughts

Now that I’m writing about golf club arrangement, I’m wondering if anyone arranges their bag completely unorganized?  

In other words, do you just through your clubs in any open slot and it doesn’t matter to you where they are located?

Personally, I feel like this would make the round of golf much more difficult for multiple reasons. 

One is that you are not focusing your thoughts and time on the current shot. 

Two, you could stress yourself to a point where you end up cursing at the “golf gods”. 

Three, it may lower your score, this isn’t proven obviously so don’t stress out too much.

Let me know in the comments below, it would be interesting to read other peoples comments about how they arrange their golf clubs.  

I would say, there’s really no correct way but there’s definitely a wrong way if your goal is to find your clubs as fast as you possibly can.

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