How Much Does It Cost to Regrip a Golf Club?

Your golf clubs can make or break your golf game performance. So when the grip on one of your favorite clubs starts to tear or have issues, it can be a big problem. But you don’t have to replace the club for a simple grip issue.

It costs about $3 per club to regrip a golf club if done by a professional, and it would cost about $120 for a full set of clubs. A set of 13 golf grips costs about $80 on average, though the price can vary. It’s possible to regrip the club at home for no extra cost on top of the materials.

Whether you bought a used set of golf clubs or have used the same set for years, you may need to regrip them. Aside from the cost, you have to consider the process and when you might need new grips. Keep reading to learn all about regripping a golf club.

Benefits of Regripping Golf Clubs

A golf club can last for years if you take good care of it. But golf club grips can wear down quickly if you use the clubs a lot. Because of that, regripping golf clubs can be beneficial.

You won’t have to buy new clubs all of the time, and you can make sure your clubs work well for you.

While regripping a golf club does cost money for materials and possibly professional help, it’s worth the cost.

Consider how investing in your golf clubs now can benefit you in the long run.


As your golf club grip wears down, it can be hard to see the lines and indentations on the grip. Those marks can help you align your club correctly, making it easier to line up your shot. If you have a lot of experience, you may not need that help.

But if you’re new to golf, you can use all of the help you can get. That way, you can make sure you know how to use the golf club to your advantage.

If you notice you can’t see how to align your hands and the club, you might want to change the grip. You don’t have to change the grip on every club you own, though, so you can take it one club at a time.

Better Grip

When it gets hard to see the alignment on your golf club, odds are the grip isn’t as secure either. Even if you don’t need the help aligning your shot, you want to control your golf club.

Regripping the club can restore a bit of grip and friction that helps you golf. You don’t have to worry about losing your golf club when you swing it. Then, you can swing more confidently, and you can continue to improve your golf game.


Sometimes, deciding to regrip a golf club may come down to personal preference. If you buy your golf clubs from a friend or get them used from somewhere else, the clubs may be fine to use.

The grip may be in good condition with enough friction and help with alignment. But some golfers prefer firm grips, and others prefer to use softer grips. You can test both types of grips, but you may want to pay to regrip your club with the grip you like if you do better with one.

Should You Take Your Club to a Professional?

If you want to regrip your golf club, you may consider having a professional do it. That way, you don’t have to worry about messing up the steps. You’ll get your golf club back, and it will be good as new, and you can use it during your next game.

Regripping golf clubs isn’t too expensive, so it may be worth hiring someone to do it for you. Consider a few ways a professional can help you.


When you regrip a golf club yourself, you have to worry about collecting supplies and following the right steps. But a golf shop probably already has the tools and expertise necessary to put a new grip on your golf club.

All you have to do is schedule an appointment and bring in any clubs you have that need new grips. The gripping process may take some time, but you shouldn’t have to wait too long to get your clubs back.


If you need or want to regrip multiple golf clubs, the time can add up quickly. You may not want to take the time to remove all of the current grips and apply new grips. So taking your golf clubs to a shop can be the more efficient option.

You may need to pay over $100 for the regrip service, but you won’t have to spend hours on the project. The store can call you when they finish so that you can spend that time on other things.


Different golf shops may have unique rates for golf club repairs. The cost can depend on where you live, but you can shop around in your city to find the best deal.

That way, you can get someone to regrip your golf clubs without having to break the bank. If you live in a high-cost area, the cost can reach a couple of hundred dollars, but you can find other options outside of town.

How to Regrip a Golf Club

If you don’t want to pay someone to regrip your golf club, you can do it yourself. You’ll still need to pay about $80 or so for a new set of golf club grips. However, you won’t have to pay for labor or wait around for a shop to repair.

As long as you have some a straight blade knife, some double-sided tape, and grip solvent, you can regrip your clubs. You should also have a vise and rubber vise clamps on hand.

Here’s how you can regrip your golf club at home:

  1. First, you need to prepare the club by removing the old golf club grip. Use a straight blade or utility knife to take the grip off. Secure the golf club so that it doesn’t move, and make sure you stroke the knife away from you.
  2. Next, measure the shaft of your golf club so that you know how much double-sided tape to use. The extra tape can go over the end of your golf club. But you don’t want too much extra. You also don’t want to be short on the tape.
  3. Now, you should add double-sided tape to the golf club. Add the tape in a spiral shape from the top to the bottom of the grip. Make sure the tape is secure before removing the tape backing. You can then cover the end of the shaft with some tape.
  4. Set the club aside while you use grip solvent to clean the inside of the new grip. Ensure the solvent gets all over the inside of the grip before you put it on the club.
  5. When you’re ready, push the new grip over the club’s end until it doesn’t move anymore.
  6. Align the grip so that the pattern square matches the clubface to help with the alignment. Do that quickly so that the solvent doesn’t have time to dry before you adjust the position.
  7. You can then let the golf club dry for a few hours or overnight before you use it.

Final Thoughts

Regripping a golf club can extend the club’s life and make it easier to use. You should consider how much it costs to regrip a club yourself vs. paying a professional to do it. Then, you will know what to do next time you need to regrip your golf clubs.

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