Golf Glove Hand: Which Hand Does The Glove Go On?

Which hand should be your golf glove hand?  This is a pretty easy question to answer, even if you’re a beginner, which you probably are because you’re searching for an answer to this question.  

If you play golf for any amount of time without a glove on then you will start to notice blisters on your hands.  Whichever hand forms the blisters is the hand you need the glove on, I go into more detail below. There is an easier way to figure it out though, if you are a right-handed golfer then the glove will go on your left hand.  If you are a left-handed golfer the glove will go on your right hand

But which hand will the blister develop on?

Generally, if you’re a right-handed golfer, the blisters will show up on your left hand.  Now, you can still develop blisters on your right hand but if this is the case then there’s something fundamentally wrong with the way you’re gripping the club.  So if you have been wearing two gloves because your right hand was developing blisters and you’re a right-handed golfer, I would consider looking at your grip.

Is it the golf glove that’s the issue?  Probably not, most golf glove today are really good and doesn’t matter what kind you’re using.  Now, gloves can wear out relatively quick but that’s why I generally look for multi-packs, like these ones on amazon.

Keeping your glove in tip top shape

My golf bag has a velcro spot on both sides of my golf bag for me to put my glove on, this keeps it from getting wrinkled but also makes it so I know where it is.  If you like that idea but don’t want to purchase a new golf bag to get that feature, I found one on Amazon that’s inexpensive and you can find it here.

The glove holder is a nice way to go if you don’t have a velcro spot on your golf bag and don’t want to purchase the velcro accessory.  I would suggest that you get one of these glove holders, these make it so your glove doesn’t get all wrinkled when you put it in your bag.  It’s important to keep your glove in tip top shape so you can get the most out of it before it goes into the garbage.

So, What’s Your Problem?

If I were to guess as to why you were developing blisters on your right hand, I would say you’re gripping the club too tight.  But I don’t want the club to fling out of my hands you say. Yes but that’s why the left hand is there, your left hand should be the leading dominant hand, assuming you are a right-handed golfer.

You are probably gripping the club too tight with the right-hand tells me that you’re trying to do too much with your right hand.  This could be interfering with your swing in multiple bad ways.

  • You have blisters on your right hand, maybe even when you wear a glove on it.
  • Your hand is sore because of the round you just played.
  • Maybe it’s causing a bad hook or multiple miss hits.
  • The list could be endless.

You see, if you’re wearing two gloves then you’re masking the underlying cause of the problem.  You’re covering up one of the symptoms to what could be a major problem in your golf swing.   One other problem that I wasn’t considering, and is a major problem if you’re wearing gloves on both hands.  Your golf grips are too old and need to be replaced, if you discover that they’re too old I would suggest that you replace them asap. Check some grips out here!

How can you tell if your grips are too old?  Well, if you can’t remember the last time you replaced them and they feel a bit hard and look kind of shiny, they’re probably too old.  These grips are really good, even though they have the look of almost used when you first glance at them. amazon

What To Do

When I swing the club, I try to grip it as lightly as possible with my right hand.  I practiced on the range holding the club with my leading left hand with the appropriate amount of grip, and barely touching the club with my right hand.  Why was I doing this drill?  It helped my body over exaggerate the feeling of not gripping the club with my right hand too much.

When I grip the club, all the stress and control is in my left hand, you could literally slide a piece of paper between my right thumb and the golf grip.  This is why all right-handed golfers need to wear a glove on the left hand, it would be the opposite if you were a left-handed player.

Some Drills

Go to the driving range and dedicate time to putting the stress and control into your leading hand.  Take small swings of equal pull back and follow through with one hand, whatever hand should be the leading hand.  This is not an easy drill so start with small swings like two feet pullback (20% of your swing) and two feet follow through.  You might discover that your left or right hand is very weak and uncoordinated, that just means you need to build up that precision and strength or stabilizing muscles.

At Home Practice

You can just as easily do this drill at home in your backyard or even in your house if you have some space to take small swings.  Do it on the carpet with plastic golf balls or you can use the Almost Golf practice golf balls, much better quality in my opinion.

These practice balls are really awesome, they still give you some feedback on how the ball feels when leaving the clubface but without the potential damage of a normal golf ball.  I would still be careful if you are playing around in the house because they can definitely knock over pictures and potentially break a window if you hit them hard enough.

I use them all the time in the backyard because if I accidentally put a little too much on the swing I know it’s not going to do any damage at all.  Unless the next door neighbors dog gets a hold of it and chews it to pieces or tries to swallow it, then it could do some damage because the core of these golf balls have to be some kind of metal ball I would think.

Once you can make a decently large swing, incorporate your right hand into the mix.  Gripping the club as soft as you can, with your left hand being the leading hand still.  Keep in mind, this is a basic drill and isn’t a fix all but it can definitely change your swing for the better in my opinion.  If you can train your right hand to loosen up on the grip and put your left hand in the driver’s seat, you’re golden.

My Thoughts

If you’re searching for golf glove hand in google, you’re probably confused, this is understandable.  This post would also answer the question of can you wear a golf glove on both hands in google as well.  I might have jumped the gun a bit to assume you were getting blisters on your hand if you needed to search for golf glove hand.  But, if you’re getting blisters on your hand and you’re not sure why, take a look at your grip.

Thanks for reading!

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