Golf Gadgets For Dad

The list is seemingly endless, the amount of golf gadgets for dad could potentially crash a site if you listed them all.

Even though there are tons and tons of products and gadgets, there has to be a few that a dad is interested in?! Check out the list below of what I think are be the best golf gadgets for dads…because…I’m a dad.

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Now The Gadgets


Check-Go: If you know nothing about golf and you are just looking for a gift, this little gadget should fit the bill.

Golfers like to line their putts up and this little guy allows you to make a perfect line every time.

Check-Go allows you to find the sweet spot of any ball and the balls balanced equator, in only 30 seconds.

With this gadget, you give yourself the best opportunity to putt better as well as drive straighter. You can pick on up here on Amazon

Zepp Golf 3D Swing Analyzer

Zepp Golf 3D Swing Analyzer would be a fantastic gadget for anyone, not just dad.

Anyone that loves to improve their golf game knows the importance of swing analysis.

If you watch the video provided above, you know that being able to analyse your swing in 3D is amazing.

Everything is view-able from the app on your smartphone or tablet.

The device easily clips on to your golf glove and the information get’s displayed on to your app.

This awesome little gadget provides enough information to the player to completely transform their swing.

Anyone would love this as if they don’t have it already, find it here on Amazon!

Garmain Approach S20

The Garmin Approach S20 has been around for a few years now but only because it’s a great product.

Every golfer whether they’re good or bad can benefit from using any kind of GPS for golf.

Not only does this golf watch offer high-resolution display but it also has activity tracking which is an added bonus for those activities outside of golf.

The Garmin S20 also receives smart notifications for incoming calls, texts and alerts.

The S20 comes with two modes, GPS mode which allows the batter life to last up to 15 hours.

And activity mode which allows the battery life to last up to 8 weeks without a single charge.

The S20 offers free course updates for the life of the product which is just one thing you don’t have to worry about.

With technology these days, it seems like things just keep getting smaller. With the Garmin Approach S20, you have a digital scorecard…on your wrist!

The S20 shows a 2D image of the green and you can re-position the pin for more accurate readings.

It comes with auto shot round analyzer with Garmin connect. Which basically tracks your shots, measures distance and records shot location.

The S20 looks amazing too…just saying.

Scoreband Tracking Watch

This is as basic as it gets when it comes to golf and gadgets. This little device is perfect for the non techy golfer or any other sport for that matter. Check out the Scoreband here on Amazon!

The great thing about the Scoreband is that you can keep score for mostly any sport or game.

This is also great because it tells you the time as well so you really don’t need to remove it.

It has a designated golf function that is demonstrated in the video above which is supper simple.

If you have an active dad that plays a lot of sports, this could be a perfect gift for him.

TecTecTec Range Finder

The TecTecTec ULT-X Rangefinder is a new and improved device with up to 1,000 yards range to it.

This rangefinder can lock in flags up to 450 yards away and see hazards up to 1,000 yards away.

The ULT-X gives you 6 times the magnification with crispy clear images.

You get unprecedented measurement reading with an accuracy of ±0.3 yards from 300 yards away.

And ±0.5 yards at a distance of 600 yards away, which is way more than what any golfer would need.

It also has a neat feature where you pull the attached faceplate to expose the neon green strip if you want slope mode. Push back to remove slope mode.

The ULT-X is rain proof and moisture resistant and it come with a free case and batteries.

The company also offers a 24 month warranty and an amazing 100 day money back guarantee.

With lifetime support on the product, this is no question one of the better rangefinders on amazon.

There You Have It

I have given you what I think are some of the best golf gadgets for dad and hopefully you found this info useful.

I might update this post with some more gadgets in the future but we will have to wait and see.

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