Golf Course Food And Beverage Ideas

Now if you could only bring an entire pizza with you on the golf course and munch on it while playing golf. Now that I think about it, they should really consider offering this when the golf course food cart drives by, it could be profitable.

This could be a no brainer for most people but for some, it’s not so easy to figure out.  Here are some pretty good ideas that I think any golfer will enjoy and they won’t break the bank.

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Golf course food and beverage ideas can become somewhat of a task in its self. What I mean is, you have to prepare for the round by planing what you want to eat, drink and snack on. But what if you don’t know what you want to eat while on the course?

I don’t know about you, but when I’m preparing for a round of golf, I don’t want to think about anything other than that round.  So preparing food and drinks seems a bit daunting to me at times.

But hopefully, some of these tips can help you out and make your life a bit easier.

The Obvious

To relieve some of the stress before the round of golf, you should consider packing your food and drinks the night before.  This makes it so all you need to do is grab your Yeti Hopper Portable Cooler and go.

This also makes it so you don’t have to think really quickly and potentially grab food or drinks that won’t benefit your game.

The Not So Obvious

Guy’s tend to forget things, which leads to us pulling out our wallets while on the course or in the clubhouse.  Water, water, and some more water.

No matter how much water I drink while playing golf, it never seems to be enough.  That’s why I started using Liquid I.V. this is a hydration multiplier that comes in individual packages so it’s super easy to take with you on the course.

I would always get headaches at the end of my rounds depending on the playing conditions.  But when I started drinking water with this inside, no more headaches.

I highly recommend this product, even if you don’t drink it every round you play. You can just keep an extra pack in your golf bag just in case you need one.  Look at the reviews on amazon, I don’t know why I’m trying to sell you, just check out what people have to say.

Some Deliciousness 

Food can be tricky, you don’t want to bring anything too messy but you don’t want to bring anything that tastes nasty either.  So what’s a golfer to do?

Well, I will generally bring sandwiches. You might be thinking, “I’m looking for some good ideas”, but hear me out.  Sandwiches are simple and easy to eat while playing golf, easy to pack and easy to toss the remains. I can usually eat two sandwiches during 18 holes.  I will usually cut them in half and eat one on the front nine and the other on the back.

Sometimes I will do a peanut butter and jelly and a regular ham or turkey sandwich. And other times I will just bring two sandwiches of the same kind depends how much work I want to do the night before. 

Some More Deliciousness 

I have also brought MREs (Meals Ready To Eat) these are great if you just want to grab and go. They also provide you with the added bonus of an emergency food supply if you ever needed.

MREs come with a main course meal, side, a dessert, a drink, a candy bar or treat, and a utensil. There might be something I left out but it’s enough food to replenish the calories that you lose from playing golf.

There are other products that offer the same benefits like Mountain House brand 

Whatever you choose, just make sure it’s ready for you before you leave for the course.

Some Deliciousness Snacks

I will usually bring a protein bar, a cliff bar or a granola bar that filled with fig or something.  Apples, bananas, nuts, fruit snacks, jelly beans, corn nuts, trail mix, party mix… the list goes on.

I usually end up giving most of my snacks to my playing buddies, It seems like I’m the only one that packs like I’m going on a one-day road trip.

But I feel like you need to be prepared if you are going to enjoy yourself on the course. But snacks are pretty easy to figure out, it’s anything you love and can easily grab.

If You’re A Beer Drinker

Then you probably already had this ready to go, tucked into your golf bag or something.  Beer and golf aren’t for everyone but for some, it’s a must.  If you drink beer on the course, maybe try something new, switch it up a bit.

That’s About It

That’s about all I have for some golf course food and beverage ideas. I might have more tucked away somewhere and maybe if I think of more I will update the post.

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