Funky Golf Pants Cheap

It’s not like you can just walk into a pro shop and expect to find rainbows, lightning bolts, tornadoes, sunshine, and clouds on a pair of pants.

What else can I say, sometimes a golfer needs to sport clothes that might catch the eyes of other golfers. Even if they are visually offensive!

Not a whole lot of people know about this one page on amazon. You can get anywhere from 10% off to 50% off on certain items.

Certainly, the golf pants that I have for you on this post will make most golfers on the course grab their range finder just to see what pants you’re wearing.

What’s also great about these pants is that they are actually for golfers, so they were designed with that in mind.

If you like any of the pants listed below, just click the image or the title and it will take you directly to amazon.


Let’s talk about this word for a second, cheap meaning you found a product that is valued more than what you are paying for it.

Some of the pants below could be considered Cheap but some could be considered fair market.

It’s up to the shopper to decide what they’re willing to pay for a funky pair of golf pants.

Now, let’s get on with it!

It’s All Rainbows & Sunshine

What can I say about these golf pants other than Wow, if you’re looking for attention…these are the right pants!


Nothing speaks louder than an image…and when that image reminds you of a time that maybe you should have been forgotten.

These pants are surely going to catch peoples eyes on the golf course and might scare a few people away.

The Classic

I would say “just beautiful” but I can’t. All I have running through my mind is the Brady Bunch.

Feeling Lucky?

These are actually pretty cool I would say, definitely a festive pair of pants for St. Patties Day.

Golfer Signs

Your buddies aren’t looking at your behind when you wear these you almost certainly will get eyeballs in places you weren’t thinking about!

Comic Book

These are loud, funky, and everything in between! Don’t get me wrong, they’re pretty cool but very busy for sure.


Maybe it will help with the birdies, and maybe the pants will distract your playing partners so they don’t get any birdies.

Either way, it’s a win win!

Hot Dogs Anyone?

These pants might make you hungry while you play!


These pants might make you hungry too!

There you have it, some funky pants that probably won’t break the bank.

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