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What Is FlightScope MEVO?

FlightScope MEVO is a launch monitor but not just any launch monitor, Mevo is a 3D Doppler radar-based launch monitor.  This product can be used indoors in the comfort of your own home or outdoors in the sunshine or rain. Check it out here on amazon!

With their free mobile app and their FlightScope combined. This gives you the ability to capture automated video on your phone or tablet. The app gives you real-time performance data while on the range or in your backyard.

Not a whole lot of people know about this one page on amazon. You can get anywhere from 10% off to 50% off on certain items.

What Does MEVO Mean?

The name MEVO is probably the most interesting name for a golf product that I have ever heard.

The people at FlightScope MEVO have given each letter in the word MEVO a meaning and this is the gist of it.

Measure Your Numbers – Get real time performance data

Evaluate Your Game – You can save, upload and share practice sessions

Visualize Your Improvement – You get video clips captured my your phone

Optimize Your Performance – Automatic video clipping and storage

What Does It Come With

When you purchase the FlightScope MEVO, it comes with of course the doppler radar launch monitor.

A USB charging cable that isn’t too long but long enough to plug into a wall and have it rest on a table or counter.

Metal stickers, I will go in to this more later but these are essential if you want to know the spin of your ball.

A carrying pouch to keep your device protected from scratches, obviously won’t protected from a drop on concrete or anything.

And of course it comes with the manual that I’m sure you can easily find on line as well.

Let’s Dive Deeper

Now that we know what all comes in the box, lets take a deeper look at this awesome piece of equipment.

The device itself has a great look to it with a white face and red rubber edge that seems like it would protect the device pretty good if it were dropped.

The rubber edge also has a base that makes it so the device can stand up if you were to place it on a flat surface.

On the bottom of the device, FlightScope MEVO supplied a threaded hole in case you need to attach it to a tripod.

And on the top of the device, it comes equipped with LED lights that I will explain below.

The Radar Light – This is on the far left side and it quickly flashes green when you start the device. It slowly flashes when the radar is in idle mode and will flash red and yellow when it is armed.

Then there’s the charging status which flashes when charging and is solid when fully charged.

The next three lights are the battery status, the first of the three lights is 1-35% charged. If the first and second light’s are charged then the device is 35-70% charged. And if all three lights are on then device is obviously 70-100% charged.

When all three of the “battery status” lights are flashing, that means the device is looking for your phones bluetooth signal. And when the lights become solid, it’s found your signal.

This device has a “wake up” button on the side. All you would do is press this if you needed the it to connect to a device.

The Use

The FlightScope MEVO tracking beam spreads out at 30° and up to 23 feet. You would want to place the MEVO four feet behind the hit point position.

So if you are a right-hand golfer and were to set up to the ball. You are in your position about to swing, the MEVO is to the right of you.

In Door Use

It’s recommended to place the device about four feet behind the ball. But also make sure the ball gets around eight feet of carry before it hits the net.

This is so the device has enough information after the ball has been hit to compute the results.

The Battery

It comes equipped with a lithium ion batter with 5V output. If the device is drained, it only takes two hours to recharge it.

You can get a maximum of four hours out of a single charge. Which is plenty I would say.

The Metallic Stickers

These stickers are required if you would like to know the spin of your golf ball.

All you do is place the sticker anywhere on the ball. When you go to hit the ball, make sure it’s pointed away from the radar.

So, in other words, point the sticker where you are aiming.

It’s important to also mention, the MEVO might not pick up a reading if the ball is too low. Also, if the ball hooked left and your body was in the way so the radar couldn’t pick it up.

The stickers seem to be only purchasable through the FlightScope website for around $25 per 1,000.

This could potentially get expensive if you were putting the stickers on range balls.

The creators are looking in to a solution to replace the stickers with a metallic marker of some kind.

That’s why practicing at home is ideal for this little device. You don’t have to keep using a bunch of stickers if you are hitting into a net.

If you don’t care about the spin of your ball than it doesn’t matter, don’t use the stickers. But, your distance will probably be off because the device uses ball spin to better calculates the distance.

Some Minor Technicals

So, if you want the device to perform optimally, you should consider a few things.

The MEVO is a precision measuring instrument and can operate in most environments.

Its transceiver operating frequency is 24.125 GHz which can get interfered with. It can potentially be sensitive to the following things.

It’s not recommended to have florescent lighting directly above or in front of the ball.

Turn your fans off, this might be an issue if you are using this device in the garage during summer.

TV, desktop computer, Laptop, and refrigerator. This device can pick up these noises so it’s best to set up shop away from them.

And cell phone signal towers.

Must Be Level

For the device to get an accurate reading on your golf ball, place it level with the golf ball.

This makes sense though. I wouldn’t expect it to get a reading if there was a small hill in the way of the ball.

Some Major Benefits

I think it goes without saying that this device could potentially change your entire game.

To have the ability to see what each club is doing in your bag is crazy to think about.

Technology that was only used by tour pros and teachers can now be carried in your golf bag.

Not only carried in your golf bag but take up less space than your car keys or wallet.

Think About It

To be able to keep track of all your stats in a single app.

Keep track of the club, carry, club mph, ball mph, smash, spin rpm, launch degree, height in yards, time.

Keep track of videos of your swing and keep them on the app.

In Clossing

There is loads and loads of golf equipment on the market these days.

Some of those things can make your game better and some might not do anything for you.

It’s up to the individual to decide what’s best for their game.

The FlightScope MEVO is by no means cheap but what are you willing to do to improve your game?

Spend countless hours at the range practicing shot shape?

This is your opportunity to take control of your game and know exactly what each club does.

So when you go out on the course there are no surprises, aside from the uncontrollable like weather and lie.

I hope you consider this amazing piece of technology and it brings you many, many birdies! ; )

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