Best Rated Graphite Irons

I think the question should be “Best Rated Graphite Shaft”. The shafts that I’m going to recommend is an option with most of the major club manufacturers.

I would say the best rated graphite irons would have to be Mizuno heads with SteelFiber shafts. But these aren’t on the market already built, you need to order the clubs and replace the shafts.

Yes, that is a biased opinion on the irons and the shaft but you ask the question in Google, not me. The proof is in the pudding though, I’ll explain later!

Here are some great reasons to have graphite shafts irons:

  1. Great for lower swing speeds
  2. Lighter shaft than steel shafts
  3. More lag in the club
  4. Really cool looking shafts on the market.

About AeroTech Golf

AeroTech has been around for years manufacturing graphite products. They were the first company to manufacture a NHL approved graphite shaft hockey stick.

AeroTech also manufactured bike components, fishing rods, violin bows and many other items.

AeroTech eventually split the company to form AeroTech Golf which was just a division of AeroTech.

The shaft listed above is only one of the many golf shafts they manufacture. In fact, they have shafts specifically for Drivers, Irons, Fairway Woods, Hybrids, and Wedges.

AeroTech provides their shafts through every major club manufacture on the market. But this is only as a customized option and doesn’t come standard.

About SteelFiber i95

SteelFiber i95 shafts are the number 1 graphite shaft on tour, that’s what I meant by “proof is in the pudding”. With 92 professional tour wins at the time of writing this post, it blows the competition out of the water.

AeroTech Golf revolutionized the game with their brilliant idea of combining the two. Steel and graphite, this has so many benefits that I will go into below.

Benefits Of SteelFiber

SteelFiber essentially comes with the stability of steel and the flexibility and power of graphite.

The manufacturing process of the shaft is pretty interesting and if you want to learn more about it, here’s the link.

The SteelFiber shaft offers an unmatched strength to weight ratio that no other manufacturer can match. They use 1/5 less material than a standard graphite shaft which provides a thinner wall.

This golf shaft offers the perks of a steel shaft without the weight of the steel shaft. Which is a big deal because anyone that has played 36 holes know what noodle arms feels like.

Do You Need Graphite Shafts?

You are obviously curious about graphite shafts for your irons, or you wouldn’t be searching for it. If you think the four points I made above make sense to you and you want to explore further, check out the link above.

Graphite shafts aren’t for everyone though, I would suggest talking with a club fitter before making the decision to switch.

Last Words

I am personal a fan of steel shafts and I am a fan of Mizuno golf clubs as well. One main reason I love Mizuno is because the weight of the particular clubs I have.

They aren’t just lighter to me but the club face is much smaller and thinner to me, which is visually appealing to me when I approach the ball.

Mizuno the company have been around since 1906 but started their golf branch in 1982.

I have played Taylor Made, Titleist, Callaway, and Mizuno. Mizuno was hands down my favorite iron to play with.

Anyway, I said I would explain later why Mizuno was my favorite. Hope you get what you wanted out of the post.

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