Best Long Drive Golf Balls

So you want to drive the golf ball longer do you? Well hopefully this post can help you out in making a decision on which golf ball to use.

The golf ball that was used in the long drive competition in 2018 was the Volvik XT. But does that mean those are the best long drive golf balls?

In this post we’ll discus as many types of long drive golf balls that are out on the market.

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Long Distance Golf Balls

The Volvik XT

The Volvik XT is a pretty unique golf ball and there’s a reason why it was the chosen ball for the long drive competition.

This is the only four piece golf ball that’s available to the public that doesn’t have a urethane cover.

The XT and the TM Volvik golf balls outer cover are made of Zirconium, which is a metal.

Zirconium is a transition metal, similar to titanium, which is used in small quantities to resist corrosion.

The metal allows them to create a cover that they say is softer yet more durable than other golf balls.

The VIVID XT also features a matte finish designed specifically for the  World Long Drive circuit.

The matte finish is apparently suppose to reduce air resistance, which is interesting to me. How a finish on a golf ball can reduce air resistance.

The XT golf ball can get exceptional distance due to the fact that it produces extremely low spin off the driver.

Not a whole lot of people know about this one page on amazon. You can get anywhere from 10% off to 50% off on certain items.

Are They Worth It??

I would say these are worth a shot, I was reading through some of the reviews and they seemed promising.

Some of the people said that they could focus more on the balls because they were using a different color other than white.

Others said that they could find the ball easier, which makes sense but I feel like a white ball would be the easiest to find.

Some said that they notice a major difference in their driving distance which is great.

The price is fair and they come in some cool colors which isn’t something that interest me, but maybe you?

I’m very color blind so a blue, pink or yellow ball would be more difficult for me to see in the green grass.

All In All

I would try this ball, I would even give a color ball a shot too just to see how it plays and feels.

It’s apparently suppose to be a great ball from tee to green so give it a shot!

Slazenger Raw Distance

Slazenger Raw Distance

I played the Slazenger Raw Distance a while back and I thought it was a pretty good ball.

The only thing I didn’t like about the ball was the feel of it from about 125 yards in.

It seemed like I couldn’t control the ball from that distance for some reason.

But if I were hitting it off the tee or anything outside of 125 yards it was fine.

I wasn’t impressed with the feel while I was putting the ball, it felt as if it had no weight to it. So my putts were always falling short.

I don’t know what I was expecting from a two piece golf ball, they’re designed this way for a reason…distance.

All In All

If you are not too concerned with feel around the greens and from 125 in, this is not a bad ball.

You will get pretty good feel off the tee and for the price, it’s a pretty good deal.

GolfJet 3

I have to be honest here, I have never heard of the GolfJet 3 Premium golf ball until I saw an ad.

This ball has only one review on amazon but I believe it’s a newer golf ball.

I went to their website and they actually offer a membership service for golf balls.

Now, you might think this is a fantastic idea. You might also think, why would anyone want their golf balls delivered monthly.

There’s a market for almost anything nowadays. If people will pay to have beard razors delivered, why not golf balls.

The membership comes with a one time sign up fee which they also send you a welcome gift.

The membership has different levels to it which have different quantity of golf balls delivered.

What About The Ball?

Well, the 3 piece ball claims to be a long hitter golf ball with 90+mph club head speed recommended.

It has an super soft urethane shell that provides great feel around the green which is a plus in my book.

For the price, this is a golf ball that should be tested, that’s why I ordered a box of 12 from amazon.

Decision Time

The golf balls listed above should get you where you want to be in terms of distance off the tee.

Hopefully this post helped you in deciding what type of golf ball you should choose.

Remember, golf is full of choices, just like life!

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