17 Places to Sell Golf Clubs for Cash

Whether you’re done with golf or you’ve improved your equipment, it’s always nice to get a return for your investment.

Golf clubs are far from cheap, but you might be surprised about how much money you can make by trading or reselling them. There are countless online and in-person places to get rid of them.

To sell golf clubs for cash, try 2nd Swing, PGA, Dick’s Sporting Goods, or Golf Galaxy. There are many lesser-known websites as well, including 3 Balls, Swing Em’ Again Golf, and World Golf & Sand Creek. You can choose the club, compare to others, and get the most money for every sale.

Throughout this article, you’ll also learn the following info about selling golf clubs for cash:

  • Numerous online suggestions to get more money for your clubs
  • Details about every company, including the step-by-step sales process
  • How quickly you can trade or sell golf clubs online

Professional Golfers’ Association

Anyone who knows the slightest bit of details about golfing knows about the PGA Tour. It’s more than a high-stakes tour; PGA (Professional Golfers’ Association) keeps track of records, rules, and equipment.

If you want pro-grade equipment, there’s no better place to find it. Similarly, you can trade or sell them your gear.

They have a familiar trade-in page that allows you to input the make, model, year, and other information about the clubs.

Once you get through that process, you’ll have to be honest about the quality. Needless to say, every club will be thoroughly inspected to ensure that they’re up to the rating that you gave them.

You can get an instant quote from the company for free. Trade-in your old clubs for a massive discount off of a new set or get cash-in-hand.

Either way, the process is as simple and quick as possible. All you have to do is ship the clubs to the provided address and wait for the payment to go through.

Swing Em’ Again Golf

If you want to get another quote (which is always a good idea to get the best offer), try out Swing Em’ Again Golf. They have an incredibly detailed sales process that covers all of the basics.

The interface allows you to choose the make, model, quality, club type, and more. Everything you need to know is listed on the page.

You’ll be able to sell, trade, or buy new clubs from the menu. It’s like shopping at a store, but without all of the hassle of dealing with other customers.

When you go through the process, they ask numerous questions to keep you on track. Note that all sales less than $100 will require a $10 shipping fee.

If you decide to trade in your clubs for another set, the shipping is free. Furthermore, they offer special seasonal bonuses and other deals that can’t be passed up.

Pro Clubs

Pro Clubs claim that they have the best offers in the industry, so why not give them a try? Even if you only get a few extra bucks, it’s more than worth the time.

They try to beat the other competitors by giving up to 15% more for trade-in deals and sales from you to them. You’re also allowed to buy new clubs if you’d like.

Another benefit of choosing Pro Clubs is that they have a top-of-the-line 24-hour payment process. Rather than waiting a few days or weeks, you can have your money within one day of the transaction.

It’s hard to beat such quick payments that you can choose via PayPal, trade-in credit, or cash to your bank account.

The Golf Club

The Golf Club offers unique payment methods and a three-step transaction process.

No need to get caught up in all of the drama of sales if you go through this company. Let’s break down the step-by-step method below.

  1. Get a free quote from the company. Input the details about the golf clubs, including the make, model, size, and so on.
  2. Request a shipping label. You can print it right off of their website, so you don’t have to wait for stickers or go to a printing store.
  3. Choose how you want to get paid. Among the numerous payment methods is the option to get it through a gift card. If you choose this selection, you’ll get a 10% bonus on top of the gift card. Note that you can only use it through their online store.

Golf Stix

Golf Stix is the go-to source for golfing equipment for many beginner and pro-level golfers. You can find everything you need in one spot.

More importantly, you’ll be able to sell or trade your golf clubs for money or in-store credit. They also have a membership program that offers discounts and access to 50+ clubs around the country.

You can get a quote by navigating to their trade-in page. Some details indicate how much each club will get you, as well as what you can use the credit towards.

If you intend to keep golfing, then it’s worth getting the bonus credit payment option for hats, shirts, clubs, and more.

Golf Stix might not be the first company that comes to mind, but they’re definitely worth checking out.

Dick’s Sporting Goods

On the other hand, Dick’s Sporting Goods is one of the world’s most popular sports stores. You can buy and sell all sorts of equipment, including your golf clubs.

Their four-step process makes it quick and easy for anyone to sell or trade their golf clubs for a reasonable price. Note that the price will drastically drop for low-end clubs.

Here’s what you’ll need to do:

  1. Select the club type. Choose between fairway, driver, wedge, and a few other common golf club options.
  2. Pick the brand. There are many club brands, but keep in mind that Dick’s will only accept golf clubs that they typically sell.
  3. Choose the model. Here, you’ll have to look through a handful of clubs to figure out the exact number. You should be able to find the model by researching the serial number on your golf club set.
  4. Select the bonus options. You can choose male or female, left-handed or right-handed, and many other options to impact the price of the club.

Once you get the quote, you can select your payment options and get a shipping label to initiate the process.

Golf Galaxy

Golf Galaxy uses a very similar interface to Dick’s Sporting Goods. You have to follow the same step-by-step method, but you need to know a few extra details before you pick it.

For example, if you decide to get trade-in credit for a bonus percentage, you’ll receive the gift certificate code via email.

All shipping and handling charges are free if your trade-in value is over $99. They’ll send you a label, you place it on the box, and ship it out to the company.

It’s as simple as that! No more frustrating calls or wondering where your clubs are when they’re in transit. Once the company receives the clubs, you’ll receive a payment.


Just like the simple name, Sell-a-Club’s transaction process is a breeze. Get your club’s details, select a payment method, and ship the golf clubs.

If you don’t care about low prices and you want to get the cash in your bank as soon as possible, you might not find a better deal on the internet.

The only issue that you might encounter is that they only buy and trade major brands. If your clubs aren’t from one of 5 to 10 well-known companies, then you might not be able to get much of an offer for them.

That being said, it’s worth getting a quote to know if you could get store credit to purchase other golf clubs and gear.

Global Golf

Are you interested in getting a better set of golf clubs, but you don’t know what to do with your current set? Global Golf lets you get 10% bonus cash when you trade your old clubs.

Look through their vast selection to find the gear that fits your play style, then go through the quick process to get a quote.

They sell and accept all major brands, so you shouldn’t have a problem finding a home for your clubs. Trading them online should give you a bonus for the short wait time, and that’s exactly what you’ll get when you go through this company.

They also have many seasonal deals for an additional portion off of your total price.

Mikey’s Golf Shop

Do you want to skip the details and get straight to the cash? There aren’t many places that work like a pawn shop, but Mikey’s Golf Shop does it in a way, unlike many others.

Click the sales tab, input your information, and print the provided shipping label. The only two downsides of this method are that you won’t get loads of cash and the shipping takes longer than usual.

However, it’s as simple as it gets. If you’re not pressed for cash and want to get the clubs out of your house, this is an excellent option.

You can contact customer support for details, but it’s not too complicated to learn by yourself.

Seen Ray

If you have a unique golf club set (or other golf memorabilia) that you’re trying to get rid of, Seen Ray should be near the top of your list.

They offer decent rates for a variety of golf gear, so get your autographed, special equipment ready and start looking for a quote from the company. For the best results, contact them via phone or email.

For those of you who are curious about how the sales, trade-in and shipping processes work, check out their YouTube channel or Facebook page for more details.

Note that it’s not a massive company, so it might take a while to go through the whole deal. However, many customers have found that it’s worth the wait.

World Golf & Sand Creek

World Golf & Sand Creek takes the complexity out of golf sales and trade-ins by giving you a chart to use. They show the trade-in condition level with the estimated price that you can use for in-store credit.

As recommended by the company, downgrade one condition level to figure out how much cash you could get for your clubs.

They also suggest that you clean your clubs before you ship them out. This tip is recommended for every company, so make sure you wipe them down with a cloth to make them look as good as possible.

You never know when you might get more money by taking a few minutes to clean every golf club in your order.

3 Balls

Simple sales processes are always a welcome surprise, especially when you’re dealing with online transactions.

3 Balls make it easy for you to detail your clubs to get the most money offered by the company. There’s a simple method, so let’s cover all of it below.

  1. Choose the style of the club (hybrid, putter, an iron set, etc.).
  2. Pick who makes the clubs. Remember that the manufacturer always influences the price.
  3. Select the model name. There are many model names, so if you’re not about yours, check with the company that made it. You should be able to find a serial number on the set.
  4. Choose additional specs. These could include hand orientation, materials, and more.

Golfing Exchange

Golf has been around for ages, but it’s important to stay updated with modern technology.

For convenience purposes, Golfing Exchange allows you to use their website or app to choose how you want to buy, sell, and trade your golfing gear.

The app is as easy as it gets, allowing you to cycle through multiple modes to decide what transactions you want to do.

Golfing Exchange is very similar to eBay in the sense that there’s no major company buying and selling the products. Everything on the page is bought, sold, and traded by customers.

If you want to put your clubs up for a bidding war, you can make quite a bit of money. Take photos of the clubs and set the quality and price to get started.

Cash for Golf Clubs

Cash for Golf Clubs focuses on the basics of the transaction. As their name implies, they get straight to the point. That being said, this company offers competitive rates, so you might want to think about comparing their quote with others.

You could report back to them to see if they’ll raise the value of your clubs.

There are dozens of brands that they sell, buy, and trade, so don’t worry if your clubs aren’t made from the most reputable source.

Head to their trade-in page, input the details of your clubs, and select a payment method. You can get paid by check or PayPal, but they also allow you to trade your golf clubs if you’d like to.

Golf Club Brokers

Golf Club Brokers is known for its excellent ratings, customer feedback, and quick sales processes. They let you choose precise details to ensure that you’re getting the most for your golf clubs.

To make it even better, they offer selective price matching with other companies in the area.

Their payment methods include Check and PayPal, with the former option available in Next Day shipping for a few extra dollars.

If you choose PayPal, you’ll find the payment in your account within one business day, which is one of the many impressive features offered by the company.

2nd Swing

If you don’t want to risk it with an unknown company, try 2nd Swing. They offer competitive rates, but more importantly, you’ll get the peace of mind that your money and golf clubs are being handled with care.

You can use your store credit for more golfing memorabilia or convert it to cash straight to your bank account.

If you decide to get in-store credit, you should expect it to show up on your account within 7 to 14 business days. For those of you who have additional questions, feel free to contact their customer support team.

They also have a lengthy FAQ page covering the most common questions about buying, trading, and selling your golf clubs.

Regardless of which company you choose to sell or trade your clubs, make sure you read the fine print. Are you getting store credit, or can you expect a PayPal/check transaction?


As you can see, there are countless options for you to choose from. Whether you prefer a detailed sales process, a bonus for gift card credit, or instant cash offers, there’s something for everyone on the list above. You don’t even need to go into a store to sell your golf clubs anymore!

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