10 Best Golf Clubs for Short Players

People often wonder whether height differences count in golf. In a real sense, height is a non-factor in golf and won’t give you an advantage over opponents; however, the trick lies in the type of equipment you use.

Short players will be at a disadvantage when playing with clubs meant for taller golfers. So, what are some of the best golf clubs for short players?

The best golf clubs for short players should be long enough to allow for a better swing and stance. Besides shaft length, the best clubs should also have good, tacky grips to help reduce the total number of strokes. Ideally, the best golf club should match your wrist-to-floor measurements.

Are you looking to learn more about the best golf clubs for short players? Read on for an in-depth review of ten of the best golf clubs for short players and a guide on how to play to your strengths on whichever golf course.

Wilson Men’s and Teen Complete Golf Set

The Wilson Men’s and Teen Complete Golf Set comes as a set, and it is packed with a driver, fairway wood, hybrid irons #6, 7, 8, and 9, pitching wedge heel, head covers, and a carry bag.

Although not the best for experienced golfers, this golf set is ideal for beginner golfers looking to improve their overall performance.

Meant for use by both men and teens, short golfers will love using this set. Customizing the golf clubs to meet your personal preferences shouldn’t be too hard, considering the product has favorable dimensions for short golfers.


  • Alignment putter comes with a soft paddle grip to help improve aim and distance
  • Comes with a 460cc Titanium matrix driver that uses hot face to launch the ball
  • The clubs have large sweet spots for better performance
  • The clubs are responsive and highly forgiving, which improves weight distribution


  • Not ideal for experienced short golfers

Ram Golf Accubar Plus Golf Right Hand Clubs Set

The beauty of this golf club set is its versatility. The Ram Golf Accubar Plus Golf Right Hand Club comes in two styles, regular and stiff.

The stiff flex is ideal for tall players, while the regular flex is perfect for 5’4″- 5’7″ players.

The shaft is 1 inch (2.5 cm) shorter and is made from 100% graphite material. The 16-piece golf set also features a 460cc driver with an oversized head and a 10.5° loft.

Impressively, the set comes with a handy dual-strap bag that’s packed with tons of pockets. You also get six high-quality stainless-steel irons that feature a cavity black design for an aesthetically appealing look. 


  • The regular flex option is ideal for youths or short players under 5’6″ 
  • Mallet putters are easy to align 
  • The driver head’s large size allows for a greater sweet-spot 
  • Comes with a quality bag with several pockets 
  • The clubs are lightweight but well balanced for increased responsiveness 


  • Not ideal for left-handed golfers 

Cobra Golf 2020 Men’s Airspeed Complete Set

Cobra Golf needs no introduction when it comes to the manufacturing of high-quality golf clubs.

The Cobra Golf 2020 Men’s Airspeed Complete Set comes in two main sizes: the regular flex and the senior flex. For youths or short golfers, the regular flex is preferred. 

The golf set comes with an offset driver featuring a high-quality carbon crown to deliver a great combination of speed and forgiveness without compromising its overall weight.

With this golf club set, you also get two fairways: one 3-wood and the other 5-wood. These fairways feature an offset, carbon crown, and heel biased weighting to improve distance shooting and accuracy.

You’ll also love the 4 and 5 hybrids that make use of heel biased weighting to make long shots easier and accurate.

The six iron clubs boast great lofts and perimeter weighting to launch your balls high and straight for increased birdie opportunities.

The blade putter has a machined face that gives you more control over your long and short putts. 


  • Ideal for distance forgiveness and control, making it ideal for game improvement 
  • Designed to suit all golf players regardless of skill or playing style 
  • The offset driver—thanks to its carbon crown—delivers impressive forgiveness without compromising on ball speed
  • Heel based weighting makes it easier to use the 4 and 5 hybrid clubs, thus improving your performance on long approach shots
  • Comes packed with a premium cart bag 
  • The clubs are designed to be lightweight and comfortable on the hand


  • Available for right-handed golf players only

Strata Men’s Golf Packaged Sets

You can choose to buy the Strata Men’s Golf Packaged Sets in different sets.

From the regular 12-piece set to the regular 16-piece set and even the stiff 16-piece set, you have more than enough options to suit your golfing needs.

Although the product comes in regular and stiff flexes, it’s best advised to buy the regular set if you’re a short golfer.

The regular 12-piece set comes in both the right-and-left hand orientation, making it ideal for everyone. 

The 12-piece set includes a driver, a 3-wood club, a 5 hybrid, six 9 iron, putter, pitching wedge, stand bag, and two headcovers.

The 3-wood club has reduced loft compared to a 4-wood and will go further, making it ideal for long shots.

The 5-hybrid club present in the set is a perfect alternative to long iron and allows you to make a variety of shots. 


  • The mallet putter is well aligned to enhance shooting accuracy 
  • The 9-irons come with short shafts allowing for more loft, forgiveness, and control 
  • Comes in both left-and-right hand options 
  • Comes with a 460cc forged driver with a large-enough sweet spot that provides more forgiveness to allow you to hit farther off the tee 


  • Complaints have been made about the durability and resilience of the wood head

Lazrus Premium Golf Irons Regular Flex

The Lazrus Premium Golf Irons Regular Flex comes as a set of 7 golf irons.

A pitching wedge, 4-iron, 5-iron, 7-iron, 8-iron, and 9-iron make up the set, which in turn gives you greater control in terms of loft and desired trajectory. 

These golf iron clubs are regular-sized, making them ideal for short and youth golf players.

The main caveat with this product, however, is that it’s only available for right-handed golfers.

The set also features custom Lazrus grips while the deep grooves allow for a greater spin, control, and consistency. 


  • Well-priced and affordable for everyday or occasional use 
  • Comes with a variety of golf irons, giving you better control of your style of play 
  • Regular flex makes it ideal for short golfers
  • The iron clubs have deep grooves that allow for greater control and consistency 


  • Not suitable for left-handed players 

Palm Springs Golf Men’s All Graphite Club Set

The Palm Springs Golf club set comes with a unique, oversize 460cc driver, which is the largest that’s legally allowed.

The oversize driver allows you to take advantage of the huge sweet spot that increases chances of making strong, long, and straight shots compared to clubs with smaller sweet spots.

Although different sized people can use this golf club set, it’s best for short players under 5’7″.

You’ll also love the cavity back design of the six irons that come in this set. The lower center of gravity (COG) allows for more consistent and forgiving clubs. 

To achieve those solid rolls, you can take advantage of the uniquely shaped putter that drives in enough power at the point of impact. 


  • Regular flex makes it ideal for short golfers 
  • The set includes two hybrids that are perfect for long approaches or getting out of tricky situations in the rough
  • The set comes with matching headcovers and a high-quality bag 
  • Boasts of a low-profile fairway wood that allows you to hit off the grass without using a tee
  • Available for both left and right-handed golfers 
  • The bag comes with a 7-way divider that improves club organization 


  • Complaints have been made about the quality of the pitching wedge after prolonged use

Wilson Women’s Complete Golf Set

The Wilson Women’s Complete Golf Set is ideal for short women golfers.

It comes in four styles that you can choose from: the ultra plus, profile platinum, SGI, and Ultra. Profile platinum works best for players under 5’6″ and contains ten clubs.

The set comes with a higher lofted driver with a large enough sweet spot to boost your game performance.

To enhance the golf clubs’ performance, Wilson uses its famed super game improvement technology, which makes the clubs lighter and capable of long distances.  

The hybrid comes with a reinforced graphite shaft that also creates a large sweet spot for better distances.

All the heads are engineered for enhanced control due to their lower COGs that produce greater distance due to improved launch trajectories. 

You’ll also love the perimeter-weighted hot iron face that allows you to make great off-center hits.  


  • Makes use of modern technology to improve overall performance 
  • The club heads have low COGs for improved launch trajectory and greater distance 
  • Perfect size for short golf players  
  • Comes with a premium bag with tons of pockets, shoulder strap (double padded), and lifting handles 


  • Might need some getting used to due to shaft length 

Cobra Golf 2020 Women’s Airspeed Complete Set

If you’re a short-sized golf enthusiast, then you should look no further than this release by Cobra Golf. The Cobra Golf 2020 Women’s Airspeed Complete Set stands out due to its lightweight design.

All the clubs, from the driver to the fairways, putter, irons, and hybrids, use modern technology to enhance efficiency during play.

 You get six irons with this set: a 6-iron, 7-iron, 8-iron, 9-iron, sand wedge, and a pitching wedge. You also get one 5-hybrid, three fairways (3,5,7), a single driver, and one putter.

You’ll also love the premium bag that features 9-zippered compartments and an insulated beverage (cooler) pocket. 


  • Ideal for short golfers, even those under 5’3″
  • The 5-hybrid club features an offset design and heel-based weighting for more accurate long approach shots
  • The low-profile irons allow for greater lofts and are perimeter weighted for more birdie opportunities 
  • Boasts of a high-quality, machined-face mallet putter for increased control when making long or short putts. 
  • Lightweight and easy for short ladies to swing 


  • Costlier compared to other golf sets within its range 

Precise ES Ladies Women’s Complete Right-Handed Golf Clubs

The good thing with this ladies’ golf club set is its versatility in regards to the size.

You can choose between the petite size (ideal for 5’3″ and below), regular size (ideal for 5’3″ – 5’8″ players), and the tall size (perfect for 5’8″ height range and above). 

The set is packed with a driver, hybrid, 7-irons, putter, fairway wood, and a stand bag. The clubs feature a lightweight design that allows you to swing with ease without compromising on distance and accuracy. 

Please note that when buying this product, you’ll need to choose your preferred size in terms of height. It comes in regular size, so if you’re shorter than 5’3″, then you might need to settle for the petite option. 


  • Lightweight and easy for first-timers to use 
  • Comes in different flexes depending on client needs 
  • The bag has a compact collapsing stand and also comes with a removable cover 


  • Only suitable for right-handed short golfers

Lazrus Premium Forged Golf Wedge Set for Men

Although not a complete set, this set of golf wedges comes in different sizes, making it perfect for golfers looking to add perfect-sized wedges to their club collection.

The standout feature of the Lazrus Premium Forged Golf Wedge Set for Men is its micro-milled face.

 This feature allows for great control, spin, and consistency from the fringe, fairway, or rough, meaning you can actually improve your golfing skills when using this men’s wedge set. 

The Lazrus Premium Forged Golf Wedge Set for Men is ideal for both left and right-handed golfers and is among the best wedge sets for beginner golfers looking to reduce their scores.  


  • Easy to use and lightweight enough for daily use 
  • The wedges have micro-milled faces for an increased spin, control, and consistency
  • The regular size is ideal for short golfers 
  • Ideal for right-handed and left-handed golfers 


  • Not ideal for extremely tall or short golfers since it only comes in the regular size

Important Tips for Short Golf Players

Pay Attention to Your Balance and Swing Arc

Being a short golfer doesn’t mean you should sell yourself short. There are several ways to improve your game and play to your strengths.

However, before you start thinking about winning the PGA or Masters, you’ll need to check on the width of your stance and focus on improving your overall balance.

You should always check the positioning of your feet when hitting the driver. Moving your feet inside as the club gets shorter will allow you to generate more power due to greater balance and stability.

Consider Customizing Your Golf Club

Unfortunately, buying a standard-sized golf club might not be enough to play to your strengths.

Therefore, if you find that buying pre-fitted clubs doesn’t work well for you, you should consider customizing your club after purchase to make it more suitable for your play style.

To improve your stance and swing, consider adjusting the length of the shaft as well as the lie angle.

Can Short Men Play With Ladies Golf Clubs?

Golf clubs are often categorized by gender because of the apparent height differences between women and men. On average, a standard women’s club is approximately 1 ½” – 2″ (3.81 – 5.08 cm) shorter than men’s clubs.

So yeah, men can use women’s golf clubs provided they fit well and have long enough shafts. 

However, the main challenge with men using women’s golf clubs is the shaft flex. Men golfers typically require stiff shafts due to their naturally faster swing speeds.

So before deciding to use women’s golf clubs, check on whether the shaft’s flex and weight suit your game. 

The Main Differences Between Men’s and Women’s Golf Clubs


The main difference is usually in length. As mentioned above, a regular or standard men’s club is ideal for 5’9″ tall men. On the other hand, a regular women’s club is designed for 5’7″ women. 

Women golf clubs usually have petite options for golfers shorter than 5’3″. Taller women can play with standard men’s golf clubs without any issues.

The reason behind the use of men’s clubs by tall women (5’9″ and above) is to generate extra distance with a longer club.  


On most occasions, you’ll find that women’s shafts are usually graphite, while men can choose between steel and graphite clubs.

Graphite is preferred for women due to its lower overall weight, which can hamper the swing and short accuracy during play. 

Light clubs allow ladies to generate more swing speed and consequently cover longer distances. 


Since women have naturally smaller hands compared to men, their grips tend to be thinner.

However, for men, the ideal grips are standard or midsize since they help to hold the hand in position for the right amount of contact and pressure before making hits. 

If you’re a guy considering playing with women’s golf grips or vice versa, then you might need to customize to ensure the club makes the right contact with your palm.  


Men’s clubs are designed to have less loft than women’s golf clubs. This is because female golfers are often disadvantaged when it comes to launching power.

The extra loft will ensure the ball gets higher in the air and flies a bit further than would be the case with men’s golf clubs. 

You might want to consider putting a light enough shaft in a men’s clubhead if you can manage fairly high clubhead speeds. 


Besides the fact that most, if not all, modern women’s golf clubs are made from graphite to reduce overall weight, the light grips and clubhead also contribute to these clubs’ lightweight nature. 

If you’re a man considering to use women’s golf clubs due to your short stature, you might want to customize the shaft and change them to steel to add a bit of weight. 

Identifying an Extremely Long Golf Club


This is arguably the most obvious way to identify an extremely long golf club. As you might be aware, measuring golf clubs’ length isn’t just about observing the shaft lengths.

You’ll need to measure your height and the wrist to floor length.  

Your wrist to floor length is crucial because it affects your posture when swinging the club.

Therefore, once you take the necessary measurements, you can now compare it with standard-sized golf clubs to see if you’ll need to make any modifications to suit your game. 

In case you choose to buy used golf clubs, don’t hesitate to inquire whether any modifications were made, as this will help you understand the custom changes that’ll be required. 


Do you have to stand very upright to shoot the ball off the tee? If your answer is yes, then you’re probably using a long golf club. 

Dealing with extra long golf clubs will almost certainly affect your game. You’ll feel as though you have little control over the movement and impact of the golf club, and as you might be aware, maintaining a proper spine angle is critical to improving your swing. 

Therefore, if you’re not comfortable when holding your golf club in place, chances are you need a slightly shorter club. Don’t hesitate to go to your local club for measurements, and consequently, modify your clubs. 

Proper Takeaway

When using an extra-long club, you will feel like it’s getting in the way of your shot. You’ll most probably feel like you don’t have enough room to manage a proper takeaway.

To minimize this error, your hands will naturally swing the club on an outside path, all to keep the club well-positioned from your body. 

With a well-fitted club, you should find it easy to position the club back straight along the line without any difficulties.

Ball Flight

If you’re a right-handed golfer using an extra-long club, you’ll probably notice the ball traveling a bit too high towards the left. 

However, this problem might prove hard to spot because other flaws can lead to improper ball flight, but in case you feel that even your perfect swings fail to yield much success, then you should consider looking into the length of your golf club. 

Heavy Shaft

Does your club feel difficult to handle and cumbersome? If so, then perhaps you’re playing with an excessively long club. Men playing with long clubs are likely to feel the impact of the weight when using steel clubs. 

Be wary of an excessively heavy golf club as it might make you lose distance and consequently find it hard to recover.

Toe Shots

Another easy way to determine whether your golf clubs are extremely long for you is to check on which part of the club you’re making the shot with. 

If you’re using a long club, you will naturally position your body far from the golf ball to allow for full extension of the club. On most occasions, this might lead to toe shots whereby you miss the sweet spot and hit with the ball with the club’s toe.

What to Do if Your Golf Clubs Are Too Long

Due to the challenges associated with finding perfect-fitting golf clubs, it isn’t unusual for short players to purchase extra-long golf-clubs.

Luckily, buying long golf clubs isn’t the end of the world. Consider observing the following tips to get your perfect-sized clubs. 

Try to Custom Order Your Golf Clubs

In terms of size, women golfers are more likely to find the perfect fits. This is because women’s golf clubs are designed to be short enough to accommodate their often-small stature.

A standard women’s golf club might be considered short when compared to men’s clubs. 

If you’re a short man and don’t want to custom fit your golf clubs at your local club, then you might consider settling for women’s golf clubs or even teen sets.

Either way, you’ll need to be extra careful to get your sizes right, lest you end up with another oversized set. 

Adjust Your Clubs

Once you know your proper lengths, you can opt to adjust your clubs to suit your game. However, it’s advisable to do so if you’re skilled in club fitting, weighting, and balancing.

If you’re relatively green about golf club modifications, it’s advisable to steer clear of personal customization.  

Consider trying a golf club repair shop or a local fitting club that specializes in adjusting golf clubs to meet the player’s strategy and swing technique.

Club fitting experts usually have the right measuring devices and tools to ensure you get perfect-sized clubs.  

Final Takeaway

Now that we have discussed some of the best golf clubs for short players, you should be well-placed to pick one that suits your needs. 

Disclaimer: It’s important to know your wrist to floor length to get a perfect fitting club that meets your golfing needs. Don’t be in too much of a hurry to buy a golf club before understanding what shaft length is ideal for your game.

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